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Thursday, August 17, 2006

They're Up

ok.. well a couple of them anyhow.

9:37am BBT

Dani's been up for a while, looking deep in thought and a bit troubled. Marci got up, went to the bathroom, and spoke to her a few minutes ago.

Marcellas: If things are going down against me, and it would further you in the game, go on & vote however it would help you to stay.

Dani nodded her acknowledgement, and went back into deep thought.
Marcellas went back to bed.

    ***This has been the extent and tenor of most of their private conversations throughout the game. If Marcellas does get evicted from the house tonight, I cannot wait to see his interview with Julie!! I want to know, once and for all, what alliances he walked into that house with... the whole truth.

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We've had flames for a while... now back... the feeds have thursday-itis.

10:50am BBT
James is working out.
Erika's coloring her hair some more.
Howie's being Howie, telling Erika he likes her rack.

Dani, Boogie, and Howie are eating in the kitchen.
George is watching them eat.
George: They've been working in the backyard all day.
George: (to Howie) If the 70's ever come back, you've got it covered.


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