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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Good Morning

Interesting night on the feeds last night... if ya like that kinda thing.

Boogie and Erika went from the bathtub makeout & potentially a bit extra for Mike session to the HoH bed, where things petered out rather quickly, and then degenerated into stupidity, with Mike farting under the covers and yelling "Dutch Oven!"

No need to torture you to the degree the live feeders were tortured last night - with about 2 solid hours of NOTHING but Erika and Boogie, 1 of which was them laying motionless, potentially sleeping, in the HoH bed. All the while, other HGs were clearly audible outside the HoH room (whenever they got loud enough).

2 hours... unreal. It was to the point where people were broadcasting Arnold Shapiro's
phone number in the chat rooms on the feeds. Really bad.

So, finally at 3:45am EST, 12:45am BBT someone in the control booth woke up. What follows will be the overnights from that point forward... Please check back in just a few minutes.


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