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Friday, August 18, 2006

Janelle wants to leave

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Janelle is still extremely upset. Will has continued to console Janelle. Most of the house seems worried about her. Danielle suggests that James goes to talk to her.

James: Janelle, I know you can deal with better than this, you're one of the strongest fucking people I know. Did this happen to you last year when he left?
Janelle: No.
James: So what's different this year?
Janelle: This year no one likes me.

Will walks by them and tells Janelle to go to the DR

Will: Maybe they'll give you something to help you.
Janelle: A shotgun? I can't take it anymore.
James: If you keep talking like this BB will send you to a shrink.

Janelle and James enter the bathroom

Janelle: James, I have to leave.
James: You're not leaving. You're too much of a bad ass bitch to leave.
Janelle: I'll take a voluntary exit.
James: No you just need to talk to Dr. Zachary.


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