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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Janie's an Onion

3:15am BBT
BACKYARD: Will & Janie

Janie: Nominate me with James.. I will throw the POV, and then you send me home. You can do this with James, I wont do it with you.
Will: You're the boss.. I will call your bluff.
Janie: Good.
Will: You are not serious.
Janie: I am serious. Nominate me with James, and send me home.

a few minutes later...

Janie: Erica will go after you, and you will be sorry you got rid of me.
Will: But you are still here.
Janie: The house wants me gone.
Will: How about this.. you stay one more week, then you can come after me?
Janie: I never wanted to come after you.

Will: Do you want to play cards
Janie: yes
Will: See, you are a competitor.

Janie: I want to smoke my cigs and write letters to my boyfriend

Will: I know you are scared to talk with Boogie alone, but he is a great guy.
Janie: I get along better with you.

Will: I'm introspective.. I have alot of demons..I think we are alot alike.
You do not see your own potential.

Will: You are an onion.
Janie: Why is that?
WIll: I tell very few people that.
Janie: Why do you say that?
Will: You have multiple layers.. you have to peel off the layers.

3:25am BBT
Will: America.. please give Janelle a new America's choice to validate her so she will play.
Janie: No
Will: Why?
Janie: Because you are my choice.

Will: Lets go to bed.
Janie: no
Will: You are a night owl. Can I go to bed?
Janie: It's only 1.
Will: It's closer to 3.
    ***it's 3:30

Janie: Send me home.
Will: Why should I believe you are serious?
Janie: My 3 friends are gone. Kayser is gone, Marci is gone, Howie is gone. I am alone now.. I am done.
Will: You know what is funny? We both know you are not done but we will play this little game tonight.
Janie: I am done. I am completely depressed.
Will: Me too.

Janie sings "Maybe I'm Crazy,"
and we get

When we come back from flames a few minutes later, Janie's alone in the Backyard having a smoke and deep in thought. A few minutes later, she goes inside to join James and Will in the Bug Room and get to sleep... at 4:00am BBT.


Anonymous Meemma said...

Ok, so while there is a big part of me that knows Janie brought this upon herself as well as the Sov4, the rest of me can't help but to feel sorry for her.

Should she have taken out CT with one of the three HOH opportunities she had? Yes! Totally and completely stupid no to.

Should she have made an alliance with CT? Yes! But as soon as she did that, she should have put one of them(preferably Will) up for eviction and one of the other females in the house...which she did.

Even with all of the mistakes of the BB6, all of the stupidity they over utilized, I can't help but feel sorry for them. All of them, but especially Janie.

9:31 AM  

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