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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Poop Deck

Lots of Chatter from 10-11:00am BBT... here are the more important, endearing and entertaining bits...

BACKYARD - Chicken George, Boogie, Erika, james
George: (to Boogie) How do i become an official member of Chilltown?
Boogie: Your application is in.
George: Dani was trying to get me to change my vote last night...
Boogie: Dani was drunk last night. Whatever happens, we are voting out Marci.

A random compliment...

Boogie: I really think Janie looks better without makeup... She has a natural beauty in the mornings.

Now there are so many people outside, it looks like a lockdown, but Janie and Howie aren't there, so...
They're talking about slop...
George: I've done 20 days so far of my 60 day sentence.
James(?): You're made of steel.
George: I'm made of eggs and spam.

A bird has flown into the backyard...

James: Quit eating! arent you full? You just ate a big moth.

The camera follows the bird and it poops in the hot tub.

Erika: Oh, You little f-cker.

james and Erika go to put the cover on the hot tub.

James: He's been dropping bombs all morning. It's his little poop deck.


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