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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pre Veto Comp

While we wait for the veto comp to begin, everyone and their brother is visiting George to push their individual agendas. From all these meeting, what we have learned is that it actually is George's intention to backdoor Danielle. Unfortunately, he chose to impart that information to Boogie, who will now tell Will and Danielle, to try and make sure she wins the veto and uses it to take off James, thereby insuring the safety of the Legion of Doom, since a Will / Boogie nomination means Boogie will use the coup.

Now why is George wanting to backdoor Dani? Well, he caught her lying to him, and he's really taking it personally, which is understandable given his promises to her, and their understanding with eachother. What lie? Well, yesterday, Dani told George to vote out Erika, that the plans had changed and that's who they were all voting out. Unbeknownst to Dani, George had already spoken to Boogie, so he knew then that she was trying to set him up for some kind of fall.

Dani knows she's in trouble, and she's in the red room now, talking with Erika and whoever else comes in, but mostly trying to figure out how to dig herself out of this hole.

Flames began at 10:25pm BBT when Will started singing. I thought they'd be done quickly, but it's now been 10 minutes, so quite possibly the Veto comp has begun. I'll keep ya posted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok I couldn't be more happier if I won hoh lol. chicken man made a great nom..and now knowing his plan is to backdoor the ideal is erika wins pov n james and dani are on the less lod...
keep it up bb7dish divaaaa
oh btw its me....MESCHELLLL

11:04 PM  

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