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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chicken George's HoH Room

Chicken George's HoH room is ready and he invites all the HGs to come see. I think it is wonderful that he won HoH and finally has his own room. But...I must say, BB this is the ugliest HoH room ever!!! George, however, seems to like it!

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George received pictures and letters from home. He was reading one letter from his daughter in which she mentions "winning the million dollars". As far as we and the HGs know, they are playing for half that, $500,000. Of course, all the HGs start saying "it IS a million" because they have been speculating a larger prize.

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Danielle reads a really sweet letter from George's wife. She mentioned how the women she works with watch the live feeds and laugh at Chicken Georges's snoring.

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