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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Morning

10:30 BBT
Dani woke up a few minutes ago. So far she's the only one. All the other HGs are still Sleeping.

BACKYARD - Will & Dani
Talking about Janie...
Will: She got up again after we were all sleeping... Musta been around 3am.
Will: She must've been up all night, because she got up for the day around 11pm last night.
    ***not true... she was not visible awake on the feeds after they all went to bed shortly after 3am. Good job planting the seeds though, Will.

Dani: That's great. She'll be all messed up and tired for the PoV today.
Will: I'm going to go and have some eggs, and that's it, then some wine.

Will leaves the Backyard.

Dani soon follows.

Dani: If I could have hard liquor, I think I would be drunk the entire time in here.

Will leaves the Kitchen, and Dani starts cleaning.

11:05am BBT
KITCHEN - Dani & Chicken George
Dani: Maybe the POV will be tonight.
George: Anyone else awake?
Dani: Just me. The doc was up, but he must have gone back to bed.

Chicken George goes to the bathroom...

11:15am BBT
Chicken George went back to bed.
Dani's now the only one up, and she's making bacon...
    ***Now that's a great Mom trick! Wake everyone with the smell of bacon.

    Has BB ever let them sleep this late on a Saturday?? When there's a Veto Comp?? I sure can't remember it.


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