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Friday, August 25, 2006


While Dani and Erika were having their meeting upstairs, Janie and the boys were meeting in the Bug Room...

BUG ROOM - Boogie, Janie
Finally warmed up to eachother... There is hope.

Boogie: The best scenario is you win POV, and if you can't win it, Will will, and he'll save you, and then, even if she gets upset and figures it out, you guys can just save me.
    ***Note to Boogie: Please shorten your sentences.

Janie: Do you think Dani is going to try to get Will up though?
Boogie: Yeah.
Janie: That's awesome... cause they don't know we are protecting each other.
    ***Janie's catching on to the benefit of the stealth alliance, and not a moment too soon.

Boogie: Exactly.
Janie: You told her that you're going to vote me out, right?
Boogie: Oh yeah, but Danielle is actually worried about Chicken George. Erika is not. She wants to play him at the end, but Dani wants him gone. I told Chicken George you know who voted against you, right? He said yeah... just in case you stay.
Janie: I think I can probably stay no matter what.
    ***here's hopin'

Boogie: Yeah, but then we have to go kamikazi style.
Janie: The thing is, we cannot let Dani win it...
Boogie: Yeah.
Janie: Just to guarantee, don't let Chicken George or Dani win it.
Boogie: I just hope it's like the dolls.
Janie: I think you could win it, if it's physical.
Janie: ... but i'm sure Dani is working to get me out. I want to get her out of here so bad.
Boogie: She has got to go. You don't want her around here in the end.
Janie: No, you don't. She's crazy. Her and Erika are both awesome in the competitions.
    ***I hope the mutual admiration society of Janie, Erika and Dani can come together after the game and tell eachother how much they like eachother & respect eachother's games. Yeah, I know, I'm a sap.

Boogie: Yeah,they are.


Boogie: I think Dani is actually nervous about Chicken George. Do you think that's an act?
Janie: Yeah.. because she's scared of me.
Boogie: Dani might have tried to be a little careful of that because Erika likes me...

Will enters the BUG ROOM

Will: Dani and Erika are upstairs.
Janie: Did you see Danielle's eyes after I came out of the HOH room?
Will: Yeah. I bet Erika is gonna tell Danielle what you said, and then Danielle is gonna come to us and be like, look, get rid of Chicken George and keep you...
Janie: Awesome.
Will: Totally.
Will: I know you're in love with me, but we have to be buddy-buddy and convince them and win the PoV.
Janie: (laughs at Will) You can't let Chicken George or Danielle win it, cause Chilltown will go up.
Will: Yup.
Boogie nods his agreement.
Will: That would not be good, though if I go up, that's ok cause you guys will keep me.
Boogie: (to Will, referring to Janie) I like her.
Will: (smiles - in a well, duh, finally, kinda way) Yeah.
Boogie: It's balls out the rest of the way.
Janie: They will be so pissed. I love it.
Boogie: We have to win this HoH. We've got to get Danielle out of here.
Will: (to janie) What did you talk about with Erika?
Janie: "I am not playing this game. I know I can't win. I have noone in this house. I am here for revenge."
Boogie: (pumping fisty in the air) Yeah!
Will: Tonight, you have to be Lance Showmance again.
Boogie: Of course, tomorrow is a big day. Let me think... no.,there is no way I could get her to tank the PoV.
Will: Dude we have to be quieter. We're getting brazen, and Chicken George is like "Chilltown is still here."
Boogie: Yeah.
Janie: He said that?
Will: Let's go play cards and be seen.


Anonymous Stephen said...

Does everyone think that CT will be loyal to Janie here on out or do you think that if any waves crash on their plan they will bail on her?

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Rose said...

Wow, That is a hard call. I want to believe them, but, who can? It will be very interesting.

6:59 AM  

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