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Friday, August 25, 2006

Feeling Out Dani

8:15pm BBT
BACKYARD - Boogie, Will, Dani and Erika

Erika: I'm bored.

She leaves the Backyard, thereby giving the 3 remaining an opportunity to talk.

Just Boogie, Will and Danielle now...

Dani: Has anybody talked to Janelle?
Boogie: He has. (indicating Will)
Will: She's not that worked up. She knew she was being nominated. She went and talked to Erika. I guess she was just ok with it. I dunno Dani.
Will: I mean, how do you see things going down?
Boogie: Well, it's pretty straightforward, isn't it?
Will: I mean next week.
Dani: We're taking her down, right?
Will: Just don't let her win POV.
Dani: She won't.
Boogie: She cannot get that lucky again.
Boogie: Next week... is that what you said?
Will: Yeah.
Boogie: Put up Erika and Chicken George.
Dani: Chicken George or Erika, first?
Will: I know you have a problem with Chicken George, right?
Dani: Yeah.
Will: I'm openminded. One of us 3 has to win HOH.
Dani: yeah.
Will: Would there be any benefit to keeping Janie over Chicken George? I don't see one.
Dani: Have you lost your mind, Will?
Will: I said I don't see one.
Dani: No, why would you consider that?
Will: I'm not.
Boogie: Janie and Erika are beasts at these games. Erika tossed at least 3 HOH's.
Dani: Look at the letters she got from home.
Will: Dani, you're not going to have a problem getting rid of Erika, right?
Dani: Absolutley not.
Will: OK, done deal.

There's a pause in conversation while they play cards.

Dani: We gotta do what is best for the game. She is dangerous.


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