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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Slop was Creative

11:45am BBT
KITCHEN - Dani & Erika
They're joking around, and talking about Jase.

Dani: I could see him as a kid.
Erika: It seems like forever since he was here.
Dani: Yeah.
Erika: It feels like it's going faster now.
Dani: Yeah, kinda.

Chicken George enters.

George: There's only 4 keys in the wall.


George: Whoever thought up the Slop was creative.
Dani: Are you crazy?!
Erika: Sadistic bastards.
George: If they wanted something that really messes you up, they did it.

George: That late night dinner was good last night.
    ***Something about George really reminds me of Homer Simpson... I think it's the comical way he relishes food - all the sex-type noises he makes in appreciation of it.

    Also, since they introduced the slop, I've been thinking of the movie, "Defending Your Life," where the people who used a greater portion of their brains were able to thrive on what other "smaller brained" people couldn't even bear to taste. Anyone else make this connection? I'd bet money whoever came up with it did.


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