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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Manic in HoH

Around 8:20pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Will & Janie
Janie's been sleeping most of the day.. between slop and game pressure, she's just bummin'. Will's doing his thing.

Will: I'm sorry I came on this show.
Janie: I'm sad too.
Will: I'm at a low point
Janie: It just makes you think about bad things.

Will is really worried about his life, his girlfriend, his practice,

Will: Do you want to talk about it?
Janie: I just want to get the hell out of here.

Will: If there wasn't a sequester, there wouldn't be a problem or if you could... I'm at really low point in my life. I have a lot of good things going on, and I don't know why I came on this show.
Janie: Why did you come on?
Will: Because my ego would not let me not do it, I'm embrassed to say it, but it's true, you want to be seen by people and you want to be important.
Janie: umhum

Will: ... and unfortunately I have to have my life justified by strangers... Boogie is one of my friends, and I want to support him, and it's amazing I met people like you and Howie and Dani, but I shouldn't have done this.
Janie: you hungry?
Will: I'm starving and you?
Janie: I've been sleeping all day. I'm just depressed.
Will: Tell me why you're sad. Lets talk about it.
    ***I don't know how much I can take of Will as Mr ideal boyfriend.

Janie: I'm sad that My boyfriend is going to break up with me.
Will: Is he though?
Janie: I have no idea.
Will: I'm really hopeful that my girlfriend understands this it's just a show... 4 people in a shower... it's no big deal.

they're both lying on the bed. They kay their in silence for a few moments... Both really do seem a bit melancholy.

Janie: Do you think it's a dancing contest? It's so stupid.
Will: It's retarded, I don't even care, I have very little will left to fight.
    ***oh please.

Janie: Did you work out today?
Will: No. Too sad. I'm a loser.
Janie: You're not a loser.
Will: I know... it's just I have a lot on my mind and I'm so worried.
    ***...and I'm trying ever so desperately to identify with you on whatever level I think will work today.

Comfortable silence...

Will: I sequester totally stressful?
Janie: No you just sit around. It's not stressful at all.
Will: Is everyone cool or bitching?
Janie: No everyone was really nice.
Will: If you could go back like 2 months ago, would you do this show again?
Janie: I don't know.
Will: Why? Is it too stressful?
Janie: No, it's too boring.
Will: What would you be doing? Working?
Janie: Yeah...probably in Miami.

a knock on the door

Will: Come in.

It's Erika.

Will: This is the depressed room.
Will: We're just really depressed.
    ***is it just me, or do you agree it's really bad for for the HoH and a safe HG to complain about depression to someone on the block?

Will: Erika, I'm really sad... really sad worried about my occupation, my family, Erin.
Erika: You'll be fine.
Will: My life sucks, being on this show, trying to cheer myself up, it just sucks, the highs are highs, the lows are lows and there are alot more lows than highs... I swear you guys will like me so much more as a person outside of this house, you will say 'that Will is a really cool guy and a good friend.' I don't even like myself here.

Janie: I never slept so much in my life.
Will: Erika, hop in bed with us. Join the depression.
Erika: I'm leaving. I just came up here to tell you about the dinner.

Dani's cooking, and it looks delicious. They can all eat at 9pm.

Will: Cheer us up.
Erika: Dani's making a Turkey meatloaf with spinach and cheese.
Will: It sounds really good, you don't have to leave.
Janie: We are depressed.

Erika: What do you want me to do?
Will: There is nothing you can do.
Erika: We can shower together later>

they all laugh.. a little

Erika: There were lots of smiles in that shower.

Will: I think the reason I'm so depressed is that that will really hurt Erin, and I don't want it to, it was light, it was a joke and no big deal but I don't want to disrespect her and hurt her. No, no disrespect to you guys but I should't have.

Erika: So do you want to shower later?

she laughs

Will: Janie just wants to get the hell out of there and call her boyfriend.
Erika: it's all going to be good.

They talk about the HoH Comp tomorrow night, dpeculating on whether it's going to be a dance off, a crap shoot...

Will: But it's a prom, I have no will to fight.
Erika: That's the problem. The show is too long.

Will: The last time I did this show, I had nothing to lose, no problems, it was fun.
Erika: It will be fine. Everything will work out.

Will: I might have to call you guys in 5 weeks so you can talk to Erin and explain things to her...
Janie: Will you talk to my boyfriend?
Will: Absoutley.
Erika: I'll call both of them.


Anonymous danielle said...

Just a comment on the sequester thing, actually just a thought, what if there is no sequester and we the people actually get to vote who wins. Just a thought. It's the "it" thing to do now, have people call in and vote, that is.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Sigh* Blue,blue blue

7:55 AM  

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