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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prom Night

Will, Janelle and Erika are discussing sequester again. Will says he depressed and homesick, and disappointed how the show has turned out. He says he was promised All Stars would be amped up with great prizes. So, far it has not been that way.

***So did we Will!!

BB tells the HGs they are on an outdoor lockdown. The plan for today was for everyone to sleep until midnight, when they would get real food again. That does not happen now they are outside.

Once the lockdown is over, the HGs go inside to find a rack of clothes. The clothes are all retro. The houseguest are going to the BB Prom and are picking out their Prom clothes.

George selected a silver sequin tuxedo jacket. He looks like a disco ball!!
Erika looks really nice in her sequined dress.

Janelle tried on a beautiful red satin gown and a green gown.
Marcellas: That looks kind of crazy in a 'Dynasty' sort of way.

Danielle selected a pale pink dress. She really looks great!
Boogie is wearing a pale blue tux.

Boogie: BB is finally listening to some of our ideas, the show's finally starting to heat up.
Will: When you told me I wasn't a producer, maybe I am. You guys are using my ideas.

Will wants to try to talk Howie into wearing a dress.

They continue to try on outfits. It must be a 70's themed prom becasue they keep saying things about the 70's and James pants are bell bottoms. They are saying it would be cool if some 70's band would perform and yell SHA NA NA!

***Sha Na Na? WTF? That's not 70's music!!

Here area a couple video clips...not sure what is up with the sound, but I will keep looking for others.

***Here is a much better video!


Blogger Carolyn said...

I can relate to Will on this one... about the producers using his ideas! ;) Wonder which P.A. is taking credit for 'em.

6:12 PM  

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