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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Every Inch

2:30am - 3:00am BBT
Feed 1: Howie studying the pictures on the wall.
Feed 2: Janie coming out of the shower in HOH
Feed 3: Marci still laying awake in red room .. still tossing and staring
Feed 4: BUG ROOM - James, Boogie, and Will asleep.. Will is restless

2:45am BBT
Marci gives up on trying to sleep, gets up, and comes out to the Living room, en route to the bathroom.

Howie: Youre cute Marci.

Janie is working on her hair in the HoH Bathroom.

Howie is intently studying the wall...

Janie comes downstairs.

Janie: How you doing Howie?
Janie: How you doing Marci?
Howie: He has a cute butt, Janie.

Janie goes back up to the HoH room, and works on her hair.
Howie goes up stairs and the feeds do not follow him.
Marci's gone from the feeds as well.

Feed 1: Dark empty kitchen
Feed 2: Janie working on her hair
Feed 3: Erika asleep
Feed 4: Bug Room - Will, Boogie, and James are sleeping

2:45am BBT
Janie comes out of the HoH room and sees Howie..
Janie: What are you doing Howie?
Howie: Counting.
Janie: (laughs) Oh Howie..
Howie: You dont think it will be the tie breaker?

They discuss the colors of all the rooms..
Howie quizzes Janie on quantities...

2:52am BBT
BUG ROOM - Sleeping boys
Will sits up, and then lays back down.. he is a bit restless and moving all over

DOWNSTAIRS- Howie and Janie
Howie goes to the bathroom.
Janie gets a drink in the kitchen, then goes and sits in front of the wall of HG pictures. She's mumbling to herself.

Howie: What the f'k did they do to my hair?! Those bozos!
Janie: Calm down, Howie.

Howie goes outside, then leans back in the door..
Howie: Can it be this cold in august?

He goes back inside.

Howie joins Janie in front of the pictures on the wall, and they continue quizzing eachother.

Howie comments on how everyone looks.

Janie: How do I look?
Howie: It doesn't look like you at all.
Howie: who was the 3rd HG in the seance?
Janie: Did you just fart?
Howie: oh nasty

Howie: How many shelves?
Janie: That's a good question.. George will not know that.

Janie: You reek! You smell!
Howie: (laughing) Get used to it!
Janie: You make me want to throw up sometimes.

Janie: Just a word to the wise.. I'm nothing to screw with
Howie: You are cute Janie

Janie goes back up to the HoH bathroom, checks out her hair, cleans HoH tub.
Howie's mumbling as he heads upstairs with glass of water.

Howie: Taking a bath?
Janie: I'm shaving my legs, Howie.. I've lost my mind

Howie inspects every little thing in the HOH room. He's even checking the bottoms of vases.. Studying the pictures...

Howie: (looking in mirror) What a fat pig I am.. I am disgusting.
Janie: (shaving legs) Howie, what are you doing?
Howie: I'm trying to figure out where BB comes in here to change the room.


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