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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Torture Ends

12:45am BBT
HoH ROOM - Will & Sleeping Erika and Boogie
oh my god.....will came in
Will: guys asleep?
Will: Come on ..get up..let's party.
Boogie: (grumbles)
Will: You guys suck.

Will shuts the door, and by some miracle of God, or Shapiro, the camera follows him, and the torture of the evening comes to an end.

Janie is right outside and they are giggling together. Janie and Will go down stairs and out to the backyard.

Will: I've enjoyed talking to you tonight... about your friend.
    ***sorry, no idea what he's referring to, since this is the first we've seen of Will and Janie ont he feeds in like 2 hours... grrrrr...

Will tells Janie about him playing with the internet fans yesterday, and that he went to the DR about it, and they said it's gonna be a whole segment on Thursday.

Will: What I was really doing was romancing the internet fans... like I had broken up with them and was trying to make up. It was really funny...

Janie: Wanna play cards?
Will: I'm tired.. but sure.
Janie: DId you sleep today?
Will: Nope.
Janie: What did you do all day?
Will: I messed around with Boogie.

They decide to play gin, "but first" they are going to take showers. They go inside to bathroom... Will gets in the shower and Janie pins her hair up.

Will: I caught Chicken George stealing my socks... I asked him where he got them them, and he said he didn't know, and I said "yeh..'cuz they're mine." So Chicken George goes "yeh..I guess maybe they are.."

Will: If I'm still in here in 2 weeks, I'll let you cut my hair really really short.
Janie: Really? Wow.
Janie is suprised and honored that he would let her do that.
Will is washing his hair and humming.
Janie is finally getting in shower and undressing in there... they talk about how much fun they had talking today...they did a DR together earlier and Janie said it was fun but they couldn't use any of it on the show and will assures her that they can use snippets of it .

1:00am BBT

All feeds on sleeping HGs, but you can hear singing in the background, Will and Janie are doing a shower duet... they're singing Like a Virgin by Madonna - really loud and off key!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or do these 2 really have a thing for each other. I sense sexual tension between them. I have a strange feeling that if Erin really dumped Will and Janie's outside relationship is done that these two would do ok in the real world. Janie is not your typical "dumb blonde"!

8:13 AM  

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