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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Up Late with Janie & Will

1:30am BBT

Will: So remember what we talked about?
Janie: Ya, why?
Will: Lets refer to that as our conversation on August 22.
Janie: Huh, for game purposes?
Will: No about outside the game.
Janelle: ok.

They chat about where their parents live, Will's mullet...

Will: You should let your hair go back to your normal colour.
Janie: I dyed my hair black in high school .
Will: Why, cause you were into Nine Inch Nails?
Janie: ya
Will: (brushing his teeth) We have to get Erika out.
Will: You and Boogie are going to win it.
Janie: But I don't want you to go out.
Will: Aug 22.
Janie: I want you to stay.
Will: ok.

Will: wanna play cards now?
Janie - ok

more chatter...

1:15 BBT
BACKYARD - Will & Janie
Dealing cards...

Will: I'm not gonna get weird about this but I liked what we talked about
Janie: Me too .

Will: So, if I win we're going to Aruba, if you win we're going to the Bahamas?
Janie: This hand or the whole game?
Will: How's your hand?
Janie: uh..
Will: (smiles) Just this hand then.

Will: (wins) So I guess we're going to the Bahamas.
Janie Will!
Will: Is it the worst thing in the world to go to the Bahamas with me?
Janie: No, I would like it.
Will: Good.
Will: Did I just catch you looking at me?
Janie: (smile) I'm always looking at you.

1:30 BBT
BACKYARD - Will & Janie

Will: (laughing) The producers thought I was having a romance with one of the camera people when I was shmoozing to the live feeders.

Will starts singing "SPACE COWBOY" and we get flames...

Quickly back.

They continue playing and chatting a little while longer, betting time together doing fun things for winning and losing... Sea World and the Monkey Jungle, he'll show her around LA ... They're up together for another hour, then both head to bed around 2:30...

Janie doesn't stay there long. She gets up to take off her makeup, put on a mask and go study the house. Then to bed.


Anonymous Karie said...

See what I'm saying people???????????I can't NOT be the only one that wants to see them get together!!!!

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see what you are saying karie, but I really, really like Erin...And how much does this have to such for her, watching her boyfriend hitting on Jani all summer?

9:48 AM  

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