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Monday, August 21, 2006

Veto Ceremony Soon

9:50 a.m. BB Time

BB: Good morning HGs. Veto Ceremony will begin in two hours.

Erika is up and in the Bathroom. Dani's still asleep on the couch in the backyard - she was up earlier, and decided to go back to sleep. Everyone else is still sleeping in bedrooms.
Erika brushed her teeth, walked into the backyard, saw Dani sleeping and went back in to bed.

10:15am BBT

BB: Good morning HG'S the veto ceromony will begin in 90 minutes.

Erika gets up again. This time the other Houseguests do too.

Weight Room - George and Dani
George is weighing himself.
George: I am under 200.

Bathroom - George, Erika
Erika: Under 200? That's great, George!
George: I can really tell it in my face.

Dani's in the kitchen putting dishes away.

10:35am BBT
Kitchen - James & Dani
James is in a MUCH better mood this morning.

James: Now I'm cheerful. I'm James from BB6. I am used to being nominated.

James sings, and...

10:40am BBT
Kitchen - James, Dani
James: I'm worried Sarah has already left me.
Dani: She is never gonna leave you.

George walks in.

James: George, stay out of my backyard.
George: Will do, James.
James: George, do you believe that life is predetermined?
George: (said something - couldn't hear him)
James: If life is predetermined, then it was God who had me put me you up, and you can get mad at God, and not me.

George laughs.

George: It has all been good, I have lost weight... and if it is time for me to go, I will go.
James: Are you talking about life or sequester?
George: Sequester.

Jani & Erika in the bathroom, not talking to eachother.

James, Dani and George.
James: I still think it's better to be a pessimist than an optimist. It's more fun making fun of bad things than good things.

James: If you're in here trying to do the right thing, you have to realize that there is neither right or wrong. It is just game.
    ***physician, heal thyself.

They're wondering if anyone could stay in the BB House for a year.
James: No one could ever do it.
George: What if they gave you enough money?

Dani: Would you do it for $5,000,000 George?
Dani: I could never leave my family for that long.
George: I think I would do it.


George: You know, as I walk through...
James: Through the valley of the shadow of death?
George: No Jamesie, as I walk through this life, I can only do whats best for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are they doing another veto? did I miss something

11:34 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Veto Ceremony.. not comp. Ceremony in which Janie will take herself off the block, and Boogie will replace her with someone else.

11:44 AM  

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