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Monday, August 21, 2006

Workin' It

11:00am - 11:30am BBT
BACKYARD - James, Dani & Will
Dani is questioning Will about Jani's next target.
Will: Chilltown is her target. Janie told me, if she gets HoH, she has to put Chilltown on the block.
Will: She told me she thinks that Danielle and James are working together, but she KNOWS that me and Boogie are working together, so she has to try to break us up.

Will: I told her I respected her honesty... then I said, "Fair enough. I better win HoH then."
James: Last year when I got off the show people made comparisons between me and you. But I'm not on the same level as you. I'm amazed at the way you work it.
    He really is masterful. Big of James to acknowledge it... or is James politicking for the vote?

Dani: There is no honor or integrity in this house.
    ***she must be lookin' in the mirror again.

Will: I don't think Jani would be going after me and boogie if we hadn't got out her two best friends.

They all laugh.

Will: Janie and I did agree to be friends after the show, but we know we are out to get each other out of the house.
James: During PoV next week, there will be physical contact. If you can kick HGs and all it's Onnnn.
James: Janelle wasn't really upset about was all fake.
Will: I think she was genuinely upset.

James: It's funny the Chicken George doesn't know that he's going up.
Will: The last few weeks the person that went up at the Veto ceremony went home. Chicken George doesn't realize that.

James goes inside.
Will and Dani have privacy.

Will: Between you and I, have concerns about James and Danielle....I mean Janelle. He is 100% double dipping.
Will: She told me that he has apologized to her about acting like a baby.
Dani: So what do you suggest we do about the situation?
Will: Feel it out. Talk it over with Boogie. Janelle is bad ass.

Seems Will is following the plan, as he's again telling Dani that Chilltown is Janie's #1 target.

Danielle: It gets to the point in the game when the two people from season 6 came upstairs, I was like "it's you two. I have to put you up."
Will: Janelle said I put up her two best friends in the house, Marcellas and Howie. So I said, "Is that a problem?" (laughs) Then Janelle said, "You are so out of here."

Will and Dani both laugh about it.
They're playing cards.

Dani: Jani really isn't that spectacular.... the way she won the 3 HOHs and POVs. There was really only one she really bust ass on...the doll one.
Will: And cheating was involved in that one.

Will: What happens when Erika gets HOH?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Dani about Janie

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Ummm. if it really isnt all that specpacular, dani, then why the hell didnt you win the 3 HOH and POVs? I think she "busted her ass" on the graveyard veto as well... she had to risk putting people in the house in uncomfortable positions and also she gave up her right to play in the veto the following week.. which was really risky because if she hadnt won HOH she woulda been gone.. there is more to physical elements about being a "specatular" and I think Janie's performance has been far superior and "spectacular" to Dani's... Dani had to have people HAND her her competitions... REAL GOOD! I will give Dani credit on her mental game tho... solid as a rock!

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH and what has Danielle busted her ass for? all that I can remember is her stupid pitty party in solitary! and that is because her "alliance" let her take the fall for that one. Every other competition has been handed to her. GO Janie, you BAS ASS!!!

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How dare Dani say anything about Janie winning HoH when both her HoH and Veto were handed to her. She is such a hater because she really isn't beating Janelle. Janie made some crucial (terrible) moves in the game that took out her alliance, however she is still a bad ass as she was in season 6. Dani lied and manipulated her way to the final 2 and she still didn't win. Whew! had to get that off my chest.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot stand Danielle. I enjoy seeing her cry. I also enjoy seeing her be so JEALOUS...

I'm ready for her to go!!!

2:26 PM  

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