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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Sunday

Good Morning! It's 8am BBT, and when I left our HGs at around 2am BBT, they looked nowhere near tired. You've gotta check out Carla's "Erika Begging" post to get an idea of the stuff that went down last night - she put together & posted a very complete transcript.

Please enjoy these video clips while I get the overnights together. There's a LOT to tell you...

Janie calls Erika out on her lies.

In a nutshell, Erika's argument is: you can beat me, you can't beat Will, they're rich, I need the money... Janie's response is classic, "but neither one of you are gonna take me to the end, so what does it matter?" To see more video on this, please check out Carla's full transcript. She has the follow-up vid, of Erika and Janie in HoH, posted there.

Janie finally escapes Erika, brushes past Will, and goes outside for a smoke. Will follows. Janie's really hurt by one thing Erika said (her Trump card), "Will said you're ruining his life." Below is the beginning of Will's appeal to Janie. He does it very cleverly, turning the tables on Janie, as if he's the hurt one... that she could even believe he'd say such a thing. (uhmmm... Janie, hon.. we've got the video)

Will goes inside to the Bug Room, Janie follows... his onslaught continues


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the whole hot tub thing that isn't classy on Will's part. It is a game and nobody is perfect but if Will was so worried about Erin he wouldn't have participated in BB7 allstars. He doesn't need the money.DING DING DING DING DINNNNG! As for the backlash he deserve it.
This just pissed me off so it's all Janie's fault. YOU DIDN'T FLIRT WITH JANELLE! YOU TALK TO HER ALOT! YOU SHOULD PROBABLY PLEE THE FIFTH! Thank goodness your not a lawyer.

9:31 AM  

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