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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Erika begging

After the PoV, Erika is called to the Diary Room. While there, Will, Boogie and Janelle are in the kitchen. After a while Boogie says Erika is probably having a breakdown in the diary room.

Erika comes finally comes out. Will and Boogie go into the diary room to ask for alcohol. Janelle goes to the bathroom and Erika corners her.

Erika: If you evict me, it's fine, I just want to know.
Janelle: Either way it's an uphill battle for me. People won't take me to the end.
Erika: You can beat me and Boogie but not Will.
Janelle: Neither of me
Erika: Why would you want to give the money to a doctor and illionaire. They're rich. I have nothing. I have a boyfriend who fucking left me. I want to appeal to your sense of logic. When you came upstairs and won the PoV...
Janelle: You didn't want to becausec you didn't get rid of Chill Town.
Erika: You wanted to get rid of Chill Town but you put up me and Chicken George!
Janelle: We didn't have a lot of time to discuss it. I thought you were going to evict Boogie, but you didn't, so right then and there the deal was off.
Erika: It was so fast, I fucked up. You can beat me and Boogie. You can't Will. Why would you want...
Janelle: You and Boogie are aligned too.
Erika: You broke your deal with me first, you said you would put up Chill Town and you didn't.
Janelle: I didn't want to put up Will.
Erika: Neither of these guys need the money. I would be happy with 50 grand.
Janelle: If you win HoH it would be logical for you to evict me.
Erika: I can't beat Boogie either. I voted out James, Chicken George, Danielle. I've been playing for 2nd becasue I've had to do dirty work. You're going to win against Boogie or me.
Janelle: I think I could still win against Will, sort of.
Erika: Can I just appeal to your sense that neither of these guys needs the money. My boyfriend left me fucking high and dry.
Janelle: The trust has already been broken with us and it's already on shaky ground.
Erika: What if I give you my word. What else can I give you?

Chill Town comes out of the diary room.

Boogie: You can go in the HoH room if they want, it's fine, there's 4 of us left. Feel free.

So, the girls go up to the HoH room.

Erika: I need the money, Boogie owns 6 restaurants and is a millionaire.
Janelle: I need money too. The thing is I don't think you'll take me to the final 2.
Erika: You came up when I was HoH, said you wouldn't come after me, you'd go after Chill Town. The next week you put me and Chicken George up.
Janelle: I knew someone would win the veto. Chicken George would have voted against Chill Town...
Erika: I thought you wanted to vote against Will not Boogie.
Janelle: Why? No. Boogie is a better competitor.
Erika: No one can beat Will at the end, that's why I was confused.
Janelle: I told you I wanted Boogie out.

They re-hash everything they said in the BR. Erika is really pouring it on thick!

Janelle: You were the vote, I was the tie breaker. I was going to do what we said, so for me, the deal right there was pretty much nullified.
Erika: Will came up to me and told me you guys made a deal and was like "whatever". I just want to know if I'm going home.
Janelle: It's 50/50. I like both of you.
Erika: If I can appeal to your sense that I really need the money. 50 grand would help me a lot. My boyfriend left me high and dry with a mortgage.
Janelle: I can't believe James told you I was after you.
Erika: He was like "you're not just the pawn, she is after you."
Janelle: That's just psycho. I totally wasn't.
Erika: I felt like if we left Boogie in the game, we had a better chance.
Janelle: Yeah but he (boogie) is a better competitor.
Erika: I don't think either of us could beat Chicken George.
Janelle: Yeah but it would be me, you, Chicken George, and one of Chill Town. You probably would have won HoH, or Will, or whatever.
Erika: I didn't know what you wanted me to do, it was too fast. Will was like if you vote out Boogie, I'm coming after you, it was so fast.
Janelle: They're going to put us up anyway if they won it. It was final 4.
Erika: I don't know. I couldn't think, it was too fast.

Erika: The two of them will gang up on you. I won't.
Janelle: I feel like you and Boogie will gang up on me.

Again, they re-hash it all. Erika says Janelle didn't put up Chill Town so she was coming after her. Janelle says she didn't have time to tell Erika she wasn't coming after her. Erika says that's the thing, neither of them had time to. Erika repeats again and again.

Erika: I have no jury votes. Danielle is going to poison the jury.
Janelle: Alright Erika I will think about it long and hard.
Erika: Either one will look you in the eye and say they're not taking you. I will take you. I need 50 grand. You know I need the money. It's not like I'm telling you a lie.
Janelle: I know your situation.
Erika: I did this because I needed the money. I'll take 50. I promise you, I promise you on my mother. I don't know what else I can do. I need 2nd place.
Janelle: I've got to think about it first. I've been lied to so many times.
Erika: You know who the biggest liar is right?
Janelle: Yeah.
Erika: Who?
Janelle: Boogie.
Erika shakes her head.
Janelle: Will?
Erika: Yeah. He tells me all these bad things about you. I know you like him, we all like him, but as a player, he's playing. He says things like you are ruining his life!

Erika: I will take 50 fucking thousand.
Janelle: Why would you want to take 50 over 500?
Erika: Because I honestly don't think I can beat anyone here. I don't have any votes.
Janelle: I don't know about the jury. I don't know if Chill Town is lying....I don't know.
Erika: All I'm saying is I could use 50 grand.
Janelle: Me too.
Erika: I'm in dire straights. And they're not. Neither of them needs the money.
Janelle: Let me think about it. I've gotta pee. Let me think about it. We have so many days to think about this. We'll talk about it. I promise.

Janelle leaves the HoH. Erika sits there a while thinking.

Here is a short clip of the convo.


Anonymous Stephen said...

Here is how I look at it... Will and Boogie are GARUNTEED not to take Janelle to the final 2... at least with Erika there is a CHANCE (no matter how minute) that she will change it up and take Janelle if she wins HOH.. I mean the woman did swear on her mother... thats gotta mean something. While I think Erika may be surprised at who may vote for her, I think that she is right that her chances of beating anyone left in the house are slim to none... i have to say that I do like Erika a lot more than I thought I would... and actually even respect her game! She came into that house with NO ONE and somehow managed to get in with the right people at the right time... I would love to see a Janelle/Erika final 2!! Although Chilltown got my girl (Janelle) as far as they did, I would love nothing more than to see both of them walk on the door!

1:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Erika was BEGGING for her life but was I the ONLY one who was actually happy to see the girls talking??????????

2:26 AM  
Anonymous meemma said...

Gosh, I thought her knee pads would be worn out by now. I guess not. Which ever way the wind blows huh, Erika?

If she had won veto, she WOULD NOT even think twice about nominating Janie for eviction! Can I get a witness?!

2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I truly hope Janie listens to her...she could totally beat Erika at the end. *sighs*

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is rather convienant that Erika says that Janie can't beat Will. Gee that was nice of you Erika to not sell out the only person who would take you to the final two should Will be gone. If Boogie is gone, Will, will take Janie to the final two over Erika. And to the comment of Chill Town getting Janie as far as she has gone, I respectfully disagree. She has won all the comps she has needed to, to save herself. Had there been voting she would have been gone. I guess Chill Town did help her a little in some of the comps but nothing like they helped Danielle! I agree with what Janie said, that it doesn't really matter who she evicts no one will take her to final two she has to win it herself. Her best bet would be to evict Boogie, but that can't happen so I guess its a good thing that he won HOH this week. I just want Janie to win HOH this coming week, she deserves it.

1:21 PM  

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