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Monday, September 04, 2006

Janie & Will are Up

As of 1:15pm BBT, Will and Janie are up. Will got called to the DR. Looks like something's afoot, as Janie is getting her makeup on. Perhaps it's for the Goodbye messages.

1:30pm BBT
KITCHEN - Will, Boogie, Erika
Will: Did you guys ask if there was an America's Choice or a luxury going on?
Boogie: No.
Erika: There must be something going on

BB: Erika, please check your microphone.

Will: Who wants some eggs? Anybody?
Boogie: No thanks.
Will: I'm going to wash the dishes today as my activity for the day, my workout.
Boogie: I'll do it too.

BB: Erika, please exchange your microphone with one in the Storage Room.

Will and Boogie whisper to each other.

Will: (re: Erika) She's gonna drop some tears today.

A few minutes pass, Janie's gone to the DR, and Erika's back in the room, so they're discussing how they are pretty sure that the schedule has been moved up. They figure someone will leave tomorrow, and they think it's because of the new fall line up.
    ***excellent deductions on all counts, my dear HGs.

If for whatever reason, you still haven't gotten the free live feeds, now's a great time to get your feet wet. The next few days are going to be high drama... and, it's free. With the 2 week trial from real, you have nothing to lose. Tuesday night's gonna be amazing - I'm really looking forward to watching the final HoH Comp on the feeds. Here's that link again: 2 Weeks Free! Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass . Then, when the show's over, the choice is yours whether to continue or not.


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