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Monday, September 04, 2006

Meanwhile, Up in HoH

12:35am BBT
Meanwhile, up in the HoH room, Boogie is sharing his concerns with Erika. Seems Boogie wants Will to hand him a win. Good luck with that, Boogie. Anyhow, this post is for all the Erika and Boogie fans out there...
    ***Echo.. Echooo...
Mike: If not, I'll just go try to enjoy it for what it is and then go back to my life... I've come so far, I want it to happen... Will's come so far, he wants it to happen. Will has already had this experience, it'd be shitty for me if I had to leave, so he could have it again, you know?
EriKa: Does that make you nervous?
Boogie: That that's going to happen?
Erika: Mmhmm.
Boogie: VERY. It kind of scared me today, when he kind of verbalized it for me, you know?
Erika: What did he say?
Boogie: He said the same thing he said to you. I said "she's not stupid enough to take you over me, if she has the option is she?" He's like, "well, I don't want to mislead you..." da da da da da ... and it's funny, because ..
Erika: Did that scare you?
Boogie: Well it did, because this whole ride... because it wasn't really real, there were people here, good players and stuff...he was saying, "I'm here for you Boogie, I want to make it up to you" and stuff....
Erica: ...and now that he's here..
Boogie: Now that he's here, it's like his ego has kicked in and now he's ramped it up with her, and I know exactly where his head is at. He's thinking, "Boogie's a great competitor, and he'll try to make it happen, but if not I've got Janelle."
Boogie: It's just so clear to me, his selfishness and his ego. I guess I can't expect him to be like, "you should take Boogie." I just saw it come into focus. To tell you the truth: if I went to the finals with him and he won, I wouldn't have much of a problem, but if he takes her, and he wins, it'll crush me.
Erika: If she takes him and he wins?
Boogie: Yeah, but I try to appreciate that I did good. If it doesn't happen, it won't happen. I made it happen when we needed to win something.
Erika: He didn't.
Boogie: He's getting though on his f'ing smirk. It sucks, 'cause I have to question his level of committment to the end, you know? If he knows he's going to the finals, no matter what, that'll be f'ed up for me.

Erika: We should have cut him week 3.
Boogie: No, I wouldn't be here with out him.
    ***bloody good for boogie that he recognizes that.

Boogie: It's just that we are so close to doing it'd just be.. If we can do this, it'll be so...
Erika: I don't know if she wins this... she said today she was taking you, but she could be lying.
Boogie: It's the smartest move...if she comes this far 2 yrs in a row...and takes Will, she deserves to get her heart broken.

Their conversation fizzles out after this. Boogie's just using her 100% as a receptacle... for his bs. When he's done, he puts on the headphones, and Erika goes outside to smoke, talk to herself and play pool.


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