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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Afternoon Report

2:20pm BBT
Janie and Howie
Janie: I haven't made my decision yet... (as to who she'll put up.)
Howie: You need to do what's best for the alliance.
Janie whispers something about Will.
Howie whispers back something about James.
Janie: BB won't let me back into my room. BB has a surprise for us.
They wonder if it's a movie.
Howie: You could end up in the reality show hall of fame this week. I made it last year.
Janie: I wish I hadn't won this HOH.
Chatter about last season...
Howie: (something about Janelle talking to Will in HOH.)
Janie: Yeah, thanks for not letting me talk to him.
Howie: Why? What happened?
Janelle: Nothing. I tried not to.
Howie: The whole house wants Will out of here. Everyone is worried about Jase coming back, and there being 3 members of CT again. When's the veto ceremony - tomorrow? Janie: Yes.
Howie: What are you going to do?
Janelle: I haven't made my decision yet.
Howie: You have to do what is best for the alliance to keep it rolling.
Janelle: Once we get rid of Will though, the whole house is going to come after us. Howie: We have to get James into the HOH room and talk.
Janie: HOH is locked, and they're going to be calling me into the DR soon, because they have a surprise.

Howie: I don't want to get flamed on Survivor Sucks.
Janie: I don't want to either, but I think I might be for the decisions I've made this week. The thing is, why should I just stop halfway...everyone is already pissed at me.
Howie: What if Erika wins HOH this week, she'll just be like "Hey, you put me up". Janie: Thats probably what she's doing.
Howie: You should have put up him and James or something.
Janie: Shut up. Oh well, its done now.
Howie: No, its not, You can still redeem yourself.
Janie: How?
Howie doesn't answer.

2:37pm BBT
There is a huge rotating platform set up in the BY with a red & blue race car with "#7" on it. Presumably for a luxury competition tonight!
The car is spinning on a turnstyle. There are black boxes around the outside of the turnstyle. The car is red and blue, with a red 7 on the top. Screeching tires sound effects are audible.

Trivia/theme song on all 4 cams.

3:45pm BBT
HGs are practicing for the comp. Blue team is Janie, Will, Boogie, James, Danielle, & Diane.

Momentary lack of trivia...
Will is discussing luxury comp strategy..

Will: So, we're going to be in the car, it's going to be spinning. We're all going to get out, just take a deep breath. Don't fall down and crack your head open. We're all going to run, put our helmets on, leave your hat on the table so you know where it is.

BB: Hey, guys... let me stop you just for a second....


5:01pm BBT
Feeds back on...

The car is spinning. Howie, Kaysar, Erika, and CG in car. They are saying it will be bad when the whistle blows. Everyone should move when the whistle blows.

Chicken George: We're slowing down, slowing down, slowing down. We're ready.

Whistle blows and they all climb out through the windows,

"let's go, let's go, let's go."

Kaysar: Let's go, Marci.
Marcellas gassing car up. Now cleaning windows. Lots of orders being barked to each other.

Show's on now... Back after 9pm Eastern


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