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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Janie's Awake

4:55pm BBT

Chess area - outside HoH room - James and Kaysar

The boys are camped outside the door, whispering, and Janey comes out, finally awake - but desperately in need of caffeine.

    ***Personally, I hope they sit on her till her HoH is over, and don't let Will come anywhere near her. It pains me to even think this, much less write it, but I fear Janie may become the Howie of Season 6 for her alliance. Only time will tell... Time, her diary room sessions, who she nominates and how she votes. sigh...

    I'll be adding to this post when Janie comes back upstairs to talk with the boys...
    Why oh Why oh Why did they leave her so alone with Will in the time leading up to Nominations??? and Why did she let herself believe a single word that came out of his mouth?!!?

James: There's no way to explain it that makes it seem rational.
Kaysar: We can't attack her... We have to make it like, "We understand you wanted to do it this way to backdoor Will." We stick together no matter what.. Lets see what she says.


Blogger Lo said...

i just watched the video of Dr. Sexy and Janelle in the HOH room and now i see why u are worried LOL... he is good, but he wasn't making sense... i mean, i hope that Janelle wasn't dumb enough to believe that Will and Boogie will be more loyal to her than James and Kaysar.

8:33 PM  

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