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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Been out for a while... Sorry 'bout that... I'll have more new stuff up for you very, very soon!

OK.. Janie and howie are still sleepin... it's 4:30pm BBTime! Everyone else is out in the backyard talking movies... sounds like a 6 degrees of separation type game, actually...

No strategizing goin' on...

I'm kinda bumming over the whole Janie thing... really hoping she hasn't abandoned the Sov4 for Chilltown, but until she wakes up and starts talking, or nominates someone, or we see her diary room sessions, there's no way to know for sure... Fingers crossed that our Janie girl hasn't forsaken the Sov's for the dark side/Chilltown. :(


Blogger Lo said...

u ladies are on a roll... i saw the wake-up videos and they were funny...

about Janelle... i think she's weak in the knees for Will, well, just a little bit... but like you, i hope she doesn't sell Kaysar and Howie out for Chilltown... she should know they are powerless!

4:50 PM  

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