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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kaysar's UP

7:15 BB time:
Kaysar is up and in the kitchen.
The sound of a drill and some banging is audible.

All other HGs are sleeping.

Kay's moving around the house....
... now onto the eliptical for a workout

7:49am BB time:
Kaysar's still working out...
Elliptical, Chin-ups, then on to the treadmill...
All the others all still sleeping.

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9:11 BB time
Kaysar's still got the house to himself. He's the only one up.
Relaxing on the couch after his workout.
All other HGs are still asleep

9:28 BB time
Kaysar shaving his upper chest and various bits...
Everyone else still snoozing.
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9:33 am BBT
Kaysar's done shaving body hair, and he's taking a shower.

10:00am BBT
BB time
Kaysar's grooming - brushing teeth, flossing, q-tipping his ears...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kaysar can have his own morning show.
'Grooming with Kaysar'
I doubt it would be anything but a hit!

10:32 AM  

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