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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Overnight Report

Midnight BBT
Erika and Boogie
Erika goes to talk to Boogie about who he thinks the replacement noms might be.
She's nervous about who she might be against.
Erika: If I win HoH, I'm putting up Janie and Howie.
Boogie listens but doesn't give up any much information. He's purely on info-recon. Erika goes to bed.

BATHROOM - BEDROOM- James and Diane
James brushes his teeth and gets ready for bed.
Diane is also getting ready for bed and talks to James about sleeping arrangments.
James: Why don't you go sleep with Janie.
Diane: No thank you.
She also doesn't like Howie much, and doesn't like him sleeping in the red room.
She brushes too and gets ready for bed.
Diane: I'm hungry.
James: Slop is no joke.

RED ROOM - Howie, James, Erika, Diane, Kaysar ( on all feeds)
James: If an evicted HG comes back, I'm throwing the hot tub over the wall. This is All Stars, no one deserves to come back. If it happens, nominate them and then tar and feather them in the veto comp.


George enters.
All ask "what's up?"
George: I'm tired, but I can't sleep.
Erika: We're all wired.
Diane: (to George) You're getting so skinny it's not funny.
George: I feel a lot better... I have more energy.
James: You should start working out more.

They try to get Howie to show George some dance steps. Howie complies with strange gyrations.

Diane: What the hell was that?
James: The lawmower?
Howie: It was the sprinkler.
Diane: That was the sprinkler?
Chatter, Chatter...
Howie: I'd rather have a hot beautiful chick standing in front of me doing nothing than a fat chick moving.
    ***Always the sensitive gentleman...

Lots of chatter until...

1:46 BBT
KITCHEN - James & Howie
The boys are whispering... Paranoia has set in with James...
James: I bet you Janelle's up talking about us.
Howie: NO, she is sleeping.
James: We can not do what we did last year
Howie: No
James: Dude you going to eat your sandwich?
FLAMES (fast)
James is cooking some meat now.
Howie's gone.

2:00am BBT
BACKYARD - Danielle and Will are talking.
KITCHEN - James and Howie
They're whispering again... (rough to hear)
James: (whispers too softly to be heard, but we can assume by Howie's response it was something like "What are they talking about out there?")
Howie: Nothing, just talking bullshit... nothing, not game, at least while I'm out there.
James: You guys don't trust her (Danielle) as much as I do. She's my friend. Just don't f-ck with her and she wont do you wrong.... With Danielle, tt's all about actions speaking louder than words, anyone can lie to you in this game.

2;15am BBT
BACKYARD - Danielle, Marcellas, Will (<-sheesh. I can't even type his name right now without making a face... at least if he's in the yard, he's nowhere near Janie.) Chatter about the internet feed watchers... Danielle: I had one hater. (laughs) I asked that women if she had a job, if every day was a perfect day at that job... then I related the non-perfect days at work to some wrong moves I made in the games. ***I like the analogy, actually.

    Marcellas and Will agree with Danielle's analogy.

    Marcellas: It is one of those things that you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.
    Danielle: If I'm emotional, or I get out of control... it's all in the moment... if I say anything in the context of the game... I'm not trying to make personnal attacks. It's not out of disrespect to your family. You're a goofball.
      ***The hater lady, I presume.

    Will: The only problem I have, and I dont' have many, is people saying why would Erin date you, or who would go to him as a dermatologist?
      ***LMAO - Didn't think he could hear through the feeds!

    Will: On the internet some are bashing, don't sit on the internet and be angry, don't call into America's choice and wake me up every 15 minutes.
    They begin rehashing the calls to wake them lastnight.. All find it amusing after the fact.
    Danielle: It was good.
      ***Would have been better had the producers not tipped them off that it was happening.

    Will: The only shout outs should have been from family members.


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