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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Either Or

5:10pm BBT - 5:30BBT

James: We got to agree from this point forward to really communicate and bounce things off eachother. It's the only way we're going to survive.
Kaysar: (agrees) It's the only thing that's going to preserve the group.
James:we're done
James: trying to get brave.. or stupid.
Kaysar: As long as we get Hoh this week, we'll be ok... there's gotta be a reason things are moving so fast this week... either luxury comp or double eviction...

Janie: Hi guys. What're you doing
James: Waiting for you guys to open up the HOH room. Howie, why do you smell?
Kaysar: What do we have for breakfast?
James: I didn't get any granola bars in mine.
James: Marcellas and I were doing damage control with Erika.

Janey: Yesterday Will came up and he was up here for a long time. he wanted me to put up 2 floaters... I wanted to talk to you guys about it, then I got called to the DR...
Howie: Basically, he's never allowed to talk to her alone again. It's our fault, we left her up here.. Kaysar was sleepin'... NOw we have to fix it...
Janey: I just didn't know what to do.
Janey: he was saying a lot of things..
Howie: we have to send him home this week.
James: Did you ask him, WHat are you doing?
Everyone has a role in this game, what are you doing?
Janie: he said he wanted to go home.
James: hold on.. who's HoH is it? It's Janey's right? Not Will's? So Will doesn't get to decide when he goes home.
Janie: So now Boogie and Will are fgoing to be mad at me.
James: SO when Boogie was calling you a bitch the other day, that was ok?
Since when do you give a sh-t about who's mad at you?
Janie: (couldn't hear)
Kaysar: The floaters probably are after us, but Chilltown is too.. Clearly.

Howie: The floaters have voted wioth us every time, janie.
Janey: Theres 5 floaters.
James: So what, there's 4 of us.
Janey: marcellas said that will and boogie are like maggie.
James: if you go after a floater right now, you're doing the sdame thing that happened to me last year.. going after a potential threat instead of a real one.
Howie: You made a major mistake, but we have the power to correct the blunder.
James: If you do not go after Will, you are going to be the only target in this group.
Will leaving is the ONLY way to rectify the situation. Otherwise there is an unnecessary war against all of us.
Janie: Alright.
James: you said alright yesterday....
james: say you were exhausted and manipualted.. and play it...

Stay with her boys!!!!

James: Will has go to go home. We don't have stupid people in this house.
Howie: Who's the one group who manipulated you? Chilltown.
James: We took out their strongest player last week. This week, we take out their smartest.
Janie: OK
James: If Will doesn't go up, we're dead.
James: If Will goes home this week, there's only one person we have to worry about (boogie)
If we get rid of a floater this week, it is 3 against 8 in the competition.

James: (to Howie) You are assigned to Janelle until after the ceremony. You stay with her at all times, unless she's in the shower.
Janie: I'll just stay in here.
Howie: Do not talk to them about game ever again.
    ***Note to James and Kaysar - Don't put all the responsibility on HOWIE

James: Shall we shake on this, or are we good?
Janie: We're good.
Kaysar: He needs to leave. Even if he isn't the master manipulator, he has to go.

Janie: I don't think I'm the strongest player anymore.. I think I'm the worst.
Kaysar: You're not the worst.
Janie: OK, I'm not as bad as Howie. I'm the 2nd worst.
Janie: (asks about Danielle and Diane and Erika)
James: No one in here is stupid. You save Chilltown, you are in an alliance with CT by their definition, and you will go home.
Howie: We love you, you confused little blond. We'll protect you.

Kay and Janey alone now...
Kaysar: Trust me, you have to go after Will...
This house is about to erupt. If you take out a floater, it's over. They're freaking out.
Are you alright?
Janie: (can't hear her)
Kaysar: It's not going to work.. it's too early.


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