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Monday, July 31, 2006

Bein' Played

This is the first of the overnight reports for Sunday night... Please keep checking back for more...

11:30pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Janelle and Howie
Janelle: James is not going to be happy about it, but I'm just going to put my foot down.
Howie: I'm gonna to eat a bunch of pasta Thursday night so I'll be prepared for the HOH comp.
Janelle: If noone is coming back, it will be an endurance. If someone is coming back, it wont be.

STORAGE ROOM - James and Danielle
James: It all sounds like it is still on track for Will to go. Do you think it would be better to keep Erika than Diane?
    James, by sin of omission, Danielle's playing you just as hard as anyone else. Will tells her what's going on, and she's not filling you in. Shame you can't hear me...

Danielle: Absolutely... she is a strong player and we need a strong player.
James: Do you think Erika is more vengeful too?
Danielle: I do, and besides that, Erika will win stuff too, to take care of business.
James: If we do it, we have to take out Janelle first, obviously, and maybe put Marcellas up against her. If Janelle keeps lying to everyone else, it's f-cking up everything for us, and if she f-cks this up, she is putting a big target on the fours head, and that means on my head, and she is obviously working for her own agenda.
    ***Again, James... Same thing that's happened to Janie is now happening to you... you are being worked. it's getting hard to watch this happen.

Danielle: That's fine, this is all I've been waiting for. It's about time.
James: If not, then we just chill for a week.
Danielle: Okay, I'm just waiting for the go.
They leave the Storage Room.

BACKYARD: Will, Boogie, Marci, Danielle, Kaysar, Diane, Chicken George
On the Red Couches, talking.

Will: I'm warning you now that I am farting like a beast. I can't wait until this live show when Chicken George dresses like a geisha.
Will: I'd like to have a conversation with "them" (BB Producers?) a couple of months from now and ask them what they thought were the plusses and minuses of putting me and Boogie both in the house.
Boogie: They probably figured that they couldn't stop you from inciting riots anyway, so...


Blogger Lo said...

lol i think danielle is working EVERYONE in the house. i think she's doing a lot more listening than talking... which is very smart. i dont necessarily think she's more aligned w/ Chilltown than James, or vice versa...

1:16 PM  

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