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Friday, July 28, 2006


Janelle's really feeling the pressure of her HoH. Will and Boogie are up to their usual b.s. - in fact, they've stepped it up a notch or 10. Janie's trying to figure it all out... mostly, who to nominate.

No clue where Kaysar is throughout all this, but James is tremendously helpful and compassionate.

1:10pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Janelle, Howie, James

Howie: We've helped them for a month.

James: (re Chilltown) We've been doing what you wanted for a month.. we're gonna need the votes. These are the two people that say they don't want to play..
James: If they really meant that, Will wouldn't have spent the night in the tub to prevent people from talking to you. That's not someone who wants to go home.

    ***Thank you, James!

Howie: That's their strategy.
Janelle: Either way, we're safe with Danielle and Marcellas. I'm gonna put up a member of chilltown, but not both of them together.
James: Well if you're not going to put them both up, then that's pointless. What if Diane gets the veto and takes herself off?
Janelle: I don't know. Maybe I wont put her up. I don't know.

James: It's about who will go after you and put you up.
James: Before this game, I would have thought that marcellas would be loyal, but now I dont know. I never heard Erika, Diane or Danielle say bad things about us... but Marcellas has put us up in the forefront since week one.
Howie: "...the four, the four."
James: I don't need to explain this to you, because you already know. If we ignore a threat and go after a floater, they will rally the floaters around them. That's why I put up Jase unwillingly.
Howie: That was a good move though.
James: It was a good move, but I wanted to keep my word.... if Jase comes back, we're leaving chilltown three strong again, because you just said Jase was gonna put us up anyway.
Howie: They just sold his ass out.
James:...and they'll come back 3 strong. I don't think those 3 guys were coming after me, but they throw your (janelle's) name out there every single time. If Jase is coming after us regardless.. you feel someone is coming back..
Howie: We had a four week run for what?
James: If someone is coming back, Chilltown will be 3 strong again. We'll have to take out Jase again next week and leave two members of chilltown in sequester.
Janelle: Okay. I'll think about it and make a decision later.

James: I just think we need to take out the big threats. They've spent more time in this room than you have.
Janelle: I think the floaters are the big threats.
James: In the game or to us? I'm not worried about the floaters winning anything.
Janelle:..but theyr'e the better game players.
James: The better game players, Dani and Marci, are our allies.

Howie: Are you an in an alliance with Danielle and Diane?
James: No, I'm not, but Dani and I have an understanding - we wont go after each other until we have to.
Janelle:...but what if she puts one of us up?
James: She wont. If she had to she would tell you to your face.
Howie: What, when she was hoh?
James - No, probably before.

    ***Wow. Well done, Howie. And great honest answers, James. Very impressive.

A bit of chit chat, then...

James: Everyone is coming after us, but we don't want.. if we leave the floaters, chilltown is going to run to them, talking about 'the common enemy.' saying, 'they already took out one floater, you have to strike them before they take another one.' Chilltown likes to unite and divide. Their gameplay all manipulation...

BB: Will, please go to the diary room.

Howie: If they don't care, why are they sitting right outside our door right now?
James: They're doing the same thing Maggie did to Howie last year, not leaving you alone... to try and make you put up your allies. With the nerds last year, Ivette and Beau were allies to us...
James: They want us to go after our own allies for right now, because its gonna cause a huge amount of dissention in the house... the minute the nomination ceremony is over they're gonna think ,if there's a veto, I'm going up.

Howie: Let's get rid of them janie. we know the floaters are going after us and were going after them. we get rid of chilltown. its gonna be a war

    ***hehe... Tell me I'm not the only one who loves how incredibly impressionable howie is??

James: The floaters, we get hoh, we can talk to them... but with Chilltown, we can't talk, you know. If they're gone, we can relax and not be stressing out each week. If we give them the opportunity to give them the common enemy, I think we're f-cked. That's my opinion.
James: Tell them, "I heard what you have to say. Let me think about this on my own." Will is very manipulative, and he'll have you put up Howie. Tell him there are other people in this house you have to give the same fairness to.
James: We need to bring people in here, start talking to them, find out who they're scared of... and what theyre scared of. If we don't talk to them (the floaters), and we put up a floater, we're making ourselves a bigger target.

James: The paranoia is rampant. We all know four of us turning on each other is a bad idea. They are doing a great job of getting in our head and fucking with us. ...because he is (mimicing Will) 'the puppet master, baby..'
James: We need to remove the puppetmaster and cut his strings...

Janelle: Which chilltown member?
James: We can put them both up, and have all week to decide...
Howie: The power of veto..if Will wins it, he takes off Boogie.
James: They are creating dissention in the house, in our group.. we can offer each floater something each week but we can't offer them anything.

    ***Amen! Preach on, James.

Howie: It's a big bargaining tool.

James: Exactly. Say, (re the floaters) we helped you out this long, you're already in sequester.. there are so many targets.. you come after us, you'll lose votes later on. You go after the other targets, you can be here a little longer. But if you take out my friend, I take out yours.

James: Janie, it's a tough decision, and it might be a rough week, but you have three people to support you. If they get in your face, we get in theirs.

James: Leaving them in the game, I do not think is a good decision for the long run. It's not their game playing abilities, it's their game making abilities. We're all sitting here thinking what's wrong.. Janelle and Marcellas, Dani and James. They are causing us the internal strife that broke us up last year.

Janelle: Okay. You guys are right.

James: Janie, give me a hug. You look so stressed out. I'm gonna go out and do my Monica impersonation in the backyard after I pee.

Howie: Are you really

James: Yeah


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