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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Plot Thickens - Spoiler

11:50pm - 1:00am

11:50pm BBT
BUG ROOM - Boogie, Jase, Will

Chilltown thinks Season 6 has already decided who they're going to put up when George takes himself off.

Boogie: I think it's foolish that they haven't come to us to make some kind of deal, especially considering that Kaysar can't fight for veto next week.
Will: You should go talk to them.
Boogie: I will tomorrow, but I think they should hear it come from you too.
Will agrees.

12:10 AM
BACKYARD - Marcellas, Erika, Janey, Howie
All talking about how they think James shoulp put up Jase.
Marcellas: It should have been done long before now.

Howie and Janelle go inside to talk to James.

Erika: It's obvious to me why James wants to keep Jase in the game.... James wants Jase to do the dirty work for him.
Marcellas: Jase will go after the 4.
Erika: Agreed, but he wouldnt go after James. James knows that Jase can win competitions, unlike Will or Boogie, so by James keeping Jase in, Jase can win HOH and do some of James' dirty work for him. Maybe it would be to our advantage to actually keep Jase in the game and send Will home.

HOH ROOM - Sov 4
12:15am BBTime

James: I tried to go to the DR to apologize to the people I spoke to earlier, and...


Back to HoH
James: I was going to see if everyone wanted to come hang out up here anyway, since everyone is sleeping downstairs.

Smalltalk... then...

Kaysar: The morale in the house has gone to the dogs.
Janelle: I feel bad for Chicken George.
Kaysar: He's sleeping on the hammock.
James: It's aaaaall an act. And it was all an act during the veto comp. We are not supposed to make emotional decisions.
Kaysar: I agree, but it doesn't mean we have to be cold hearted.

Same Crew
Janelle: Marcellas said that we are just pussyfooting around, and that we need to be going after the strong players.
James: If Marcellas wants to take someone out, he can take him out.


They all discuss the fact that Marcellas has been going on and on about Chicken George, and that if he won HOH, he was going to go after him, but now that James put Chicken George up, Marcellas suddenly takes issue with it? They pat themselves on the back for taking out Ali and Nakomis, two of the strongest players in BB history.

Kaysar: Who do you want to put up?
James: (joking) Maybe I should put up Marcellas...
James: Maybe I should put up the other half of ChillTown.
Kaysar: We have 2 put up Jase or to put up Boogie. ... but you gave Jase your word that you weren't putting him up.
    ok.. but that was before the nominations. now that the veto comp is over, it's a new phase...

Janelle: I don't trust him anymore - It's very obvious that Jase runs back to tell ChillTown everything we ever say in front of him.
    ***by the way, NONE of them know about the bar-whore rap.
    If you haven't seen it yet, click this link:

Janelle: You need to look at the bigger picture, too. Jase is also a part of Jase and Diane.
Howie: Will doesn't care about being here, so he doesn't care. Will could win HOH just to put BB6 up just for spite because he doesn't care one way or the other - if he is a target or if we take him out.
James: That is an excellent point.
Janelle and Kaysar agree that Will will never even bother trying to win HOH - too much energy required.

12:45 BBT
Same Crew
Janelle: The best option is to take out Jase, because of the way he plays.
Howie: You have to make your decisions and look out for your own well-being.
James: It's got nothing to do with my 'own well-being,' just that I played last year with all the lying, and I didnt want to do that this year.
Howie: We're playing a game here, so if Jase doesnt want to shake your hand after it's over, so what.
James: I don't care about making friends, but one of the reasons we wanted to keep chilltown in the house was because we've been looking at them as alternative targets (to us) and at this point, everyone sees them as worthless.
Janelle: There is a 100% chance that if Jase had won HOH, BB6 would be on the block right now.
James: 100%?
Howie and Janelle both say yes.


Janelle: If we take out Jase this week, next week say Marcellas wins, he can go after Chilltown.
Kaysar: Marcellas wants to be able to say that he took out the biggest player ever, Will.
James: If Will is the best player ever, then why are we going to leave him in the game?
Kaysar: It's all about perception, and Will is not the best player ever... he wont win any competitions, so if we leave him in the house, we really don't have to worry about him.
Kaysar: Jase could give you (James) a run for your money, but Will's strategy right now is just to yap.

James: (definition of irony) I said in Diary Room the other day that things are working perfectly... and the only thing that could mess it up would be a veto comp that was geared towards allowing George to win.

HOH Still Same folks
James in the Shower - everyone else still talking.
Kaysar: Will and Boogie were in the bathroom and they didn't know I was there. Boogie was begging Will to stay, saying "You said 5 weeks dude", and Will said he never said 5 weeks and he wants to get out of here.
Kaysar: Will really doesn't want to be here. Boogie is really his only reason for being here right now.


HOH - James out of Shower, Kaysar, Janey, Howie

James: While I was in the shower, something I thought of is that
if I put Jase out this week, thats pretty much telling everyone that its okay to backdoor me next week.
All argue that this is not backdooring.
Janelle: Jase had the opportunity to fight for veto to keep himself safe. Backdooring is when the person has no chance to save themselves, but Jase did have that chance.

Kaysar: Hypothetically speaking, you take out Jase this week, and Jase is pretty much the only one keeping Chilltown going right now.
Kaysar: If Jase goes, then Chilltown's morale is completely broken. By taking out Jase, that gives us the cover still that if Chilltown wins HOH, we can say that we never went after Chilltown for 4 weeks.
James: They will laugh in our faces.
Kaysar: That is like plan D.
Kaysar tells James what he already told Janey and Howie while James was in the shower: the conversation he overheard in the bathroom between Boogie and Will, with Will saying he was done and wanted to leave and Boogie begging him to stay.


James: In a way, it's a good thing that George can't play for veto next week, because he proved today that he is willing to do anything to go the distance.


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