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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sov4 HOH Chat

1:00am BBTime
HOH ROOM - Sov 4

Kaysar: You have a big decision to make.
James: I just feel like if I put up Jase, I'll be putting a huge target on my back, and opening the door for anyone to feel like it would be okay to backdoor me later. I would trust Jase more than Boogie.

Nobody else agrees.

James: Janelle told Jase things even after she knew about Mr & Mrs Smith.
Janelle: I believed Jase that Mr & Mrs Smith didnt exist when I told him things.
James: I'm glad you would all be pissed if it turned back on me, but that wouldn't help me at all. I would still be out of the house.

Everyone argues with him and tries their best to persuade him to put Jase up.

James: I just feel bad that now I might have to lie to someone by putting him up after I promised him that he was safe.
Kaysar: I don't understand why you even told him he was safe to begin with.
James: I did that because of what Jase did for Janelle.
    *** Oh, James. If you only knew about the rap.

James: We should bring Jase up here right now and confront him.

They all agree that would not work, since they can never tell when he is lying.

James: If I get backdoored, I'm going to kill everyone left in the house. I'm serious.
Janelle: I know you are.
Howie: Fine, bring Jase up and confront him then, and make him make a deal with us if we keep him safe this week.
Kaysar: It wouldn't make any difference, Howie. Jase would justify stabbing us in the backs, just like Jennifer did last year.

Janelle: Me and Kaysar both had dreams about Jase taking out James.
Janelle: I have premonitions.

Marcellas knocks on the HoH door and comes in.


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