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Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Bad Feeling

At 10:50pm BBT, the flames went away. Most everyone's sitting in the living room, chatting about past seasons.

Then Janelle Enters, carrying that tell-tale yellow laminated cheat sheet that signifies she's the Veto Comp Host.

Janelle:(reading the script) It's time for the Veto Competition! I have a bad feeling about this one though...

And ~Flames~

A bad feeling huh, Janie? Hmm... Anyone care to speculate on what that might mean??

My bad feeling is that we're locked out of the feeds, on terminal flames, until Sunday night. I really hope I'm wrong.


Anonymous Jenn from Canada said...

Do you know something that makes you think this or are you just speculating ? They didn't shut the feeds off for the double eviction last year to the best of my memory , did they ?

I sure hope they don't , that would suck big time .

11:30 PM  

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