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Friday, August 04, 2006

Danielle's Letter

Here's the letter from home. Danielle read it to the whole house, so I thought you might want to see it as well. The indented bits are Dani's comments whilst reading the letter aloud to the HGs.

"Hi Dani,
Well here we are again, its almost unbelievable you are in the Big Brother house. The first time you were in the house was a chance of a lifetime, and your father just said yesterday you just have been given another chance of a lifetime. Well, I sent you this horrible fashion statement.

    the pink robe you guys, its hideous, I know, and let me put it on because you guys have no idea how gorgeous I am in this thing, it has like stains and stuff on it, says

Please forgive her America and houseguests. Also, the stuffed animal is wanna-be Bubba,

    which is like my dog

so his name is WB. The rest of the family is doing fine. Daddy hasn't made up any new words since you've gone, but I'm sure to keep a list of them and so that I can share them with you when you return home.

    My dad makes up words, its crazy, anyway...

Dani, I was also given a chance of a lifetime some years back, I think it's time to share it with you now. So you see, I was about to become a mother for the first time and I was quite scared and concerned about the future. The most important thing was that I wanted to give this baby was love and everything that I could that would help it become the best person it could become. I wondered if I was going to have a son or a daughter. I wondered if my baby would be tall and strong if it was a boy or delicate and prissy if it was a girl.

    well, you know I'm not prissy, but anyway...

I was scared that the baby wouldn't be healthy. I read everything I could get my hands on concerning new born babies, how to take care of them and what to expect as they grew. I began to search for names for boys and girls because I didnt know what I was having. The boys names were easy because if it was a baby boy, I was initially going to name him Thomas after your father and my father.

    because my grandfathers name is Thomas as well

The girls name had to meet a certain criteria, it had to be a strong name and beautiful at the same time. You see Dani, I believe that a child's name should describe their character and personality. So I am on a mission to find my baby girls name and I bought a book of names and asked friends and family for suggestions. Well, I wasnt hearing anything I liked, and I was beginning to stress and of course the only way that I could calm down was to eat. I decided to make some home-fried potatoes and I did and sat down to eat them and I started to watch this soap opera.

This man was waiting to meet this lawyer to have a business meeting over lunch and the lawyers name was Dani. The man was complaining, because he was upset because he was having to waste time having to have lunch with this old dried up geezer that was probably boring him to death. To his surprise, in walked a beautiful woman. She was sharp, and very intelligent, and most of all she was sure of who she was and what she wanted out of life. The lady saw the mans surprised look on his face and said 'You were expecting a man, weren't you?' The man said 'Yes, I was, you most certainly wasnt what I was expecting, but it was a pleasant surprise'. Dani went on to say 'It was a name that fooled you, wasnt it?' and the man said 'Yes' and Dani went on to say that 'Dani is my nickname, it helps me get clients and opens doors for me professionally' she went on to say that her given name is 'Danielle'.

There it is, that was my baby girls name. Dani, I told you this story to let you know how much of a life changing thing your birth was for me. You are beautiful, intelligent, inspirational, funny, stubborn, delightful, strong, caring, and most of all, you are a blessing to me and your family. You know when you make mistakes and you apologize if you have hurt someone. And if you get knocked down, you pick yourself up and try again until you succeed. I love you. You are a strong beautiful woman. I am proud of you, and proud that you are my daughter. Tell the houseguests that I said hello.
Love you,


Anonymous ekmurf said...

This may have been the longest letter ever written. Thanks to Dani for shortening my already loooong life with it. Not sure how you stayed awake typing it.

8:43 AM  

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