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Monday, August 07, 2006

Dani & Kaysar

7:30pm BBT
HOH - Dani and Kaysar

Dani : Kaysar remember when I told you play for yourself? That was my way of telling to to get POV to save yourself?
Kaysar: I am not going to beg for votes.
Dani: Kayser what do you think I should do?
Dani: It's a tie... you guys still have the power.
Kaysar: You're in a tough spot. So what do you... What's your thinking for the long term... What's your next move?
Dani: I know next week I am dead. I am a floater, where do I fit in this?
Kaysar: Has Marci offered you the world?
Dani: NO, he has not.
Dani: Kaysar, I have always been upfront with you, and there is nothing else I can do ....I can't put up Chicken George. I just can't.

Dani: Should i put Marci up? I didn't give him my word.
Kaysar: I wish there was something we could do...
Dani: Depending on what happened I was going to try... we have to play for this week
Kaysar: You have to shape the game, much like in chess... You got Erika who handed over HOH, so she didn't take the hits... Marci is prancing around... and Chicken George says, "You're in the red room.... I don't have to worry about Dani."
Dani: I don't care what he does. I am going to play the game the way I want... next week I am going out if one of you are HOH.
Kaysar: I can not make a move for you this week, but maybe I could do something in a few weeks, but I can't go against my morals.
Dani: I am dead. I am done, and I am taking the hit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew ninjas did 1 thing in life and that was LIE

7:55 PM  

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