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Monday, August 07, 2006

Dani's Freedom

Apparently, as soon as I left yesterday to go to my friends birthday party, everything in the house picked up... so I have a lot of recapping to do for you, which I fully intended to do last night, but the pina colada's wouldn't let me.

At 3:30pm on Sunday, amid a chorus of "Free Danielle! Free Danielle!," BB did just that, and the doors to Solitary opened. Danielle received hugs from all present, and then rushed off to use the restroom - which she hadn't done since she entered Isolation. She hadn't eaten or had anything to drink either - by choice, since she didn't want to have to use the makeshift facilities.

She settles in a bit, then has this conversation with Erika and Boogie:
Dani: So what's going on?
Boogie: Nothing....Margarita party was wack...hardly any booze in the drinks...5 beers total...cold Baja Fresh....and we had a curfew..
Dani: That's it?? Talk to me...
Dani: Here's my thoughts on what happened...I'll wait until Big Boy goes in...
Howie goes in.
Boogie: Everyone thinks Marci got everything and screwed the house, with the hot water/slop, etc. Everyone wants to make a deal to have Marci put up. S6 will all vote out Marci and give you amnesty.
Dani: Here's why I think that is a dumb idea...You have to think about the numbers...
    ***poop. She's right, of course, but I was hoping she'd "play for herself" instead of being the martyr for the floater alliance.

Next important discussion...
All of the following take place between 3:30 - 4:30pm Sunday
HoH Room - Erika & Dani
Erika: Everyone wants Marci out, and both S6 and Chilltown are willing to give you imunity for two weeks if you go along with them.
Dani: Hell no! I am not going to give them the numbers, and let the BB6ers and Chilltown have the power in the house.
Dani does a little demonstration using pixie sticks to make it clear to Erika how evicting Marci would make the house unbalanced.
Dani: I'm going to put up Kaysar. I would rather put up Howie, but I swore on my kids lives that Howie would be safe this week.
Enter James, who has prepared food for Dani.
Dani tells James her plan, and that she will not go after Marci and why.
James: (to Erika) Do you mind if I speak to Dani alone?
Erika leaves.
James: I don't think Erika can be trusted.
Dani sloughs that off, unconcerned and unimpressed, and continues to explain why she will not nominate Marci.

Meanwhile, downstairs...
Will, Howie and Janie are plotting...
Will: I'm going up as the Chilltown representative, since there is already a rep for BB6 and get her to put Marci up.
    ***and we're all thinking, work your magic, Will, right?

Will goes up, and Dani tells him exactly what she told James.
Both Will and James try to convince her, but she will not budge.
So they switch tactics, and try to get her to nominate Howie instead of Kaysar.
Dani: I would, but I swore.
Will: Howie is much more loyal to Jani then Kay is.
    ***they'd have more success trying to talk BB into letting them go for a jog around studio city.

A few minutes Later, Dani speaks with Kaysar, in something of a confessional.
Dani: You get crazy in there, and you start talking to yourself...
I was pulling my hair... I did cry... I wanted to go home.
Dani: BB checked in on me and made sure I was ok at one point.

Bug Room - James & Jani
Now James is getting nervous.
James: Dani needs to be told she needs to put up someone else other than Kayser, or I go home. Will you please go and talk to her for me?
James: This sucks. Dani likes Kaysar. I'm gonna end up going home.
Janelle: What did she seem like when you talked to her?
James: Numbers. She had these candy straws, and she pulled them out -- four red ones, five blue ones... If a red one goes home this week, they can't control the rest of the season.
Janelle: (Speaking on behalf of the red straws) We already control the rest of the game. We have Chilltown, and she just doesn't know that.
James: Yeah, and we can't tell her.
They both lay back on their beds.
James: My heart is beating so fast right now. I'm so f-cked.
James: If I go up against Kaysar, I'm gone.
Janelle: That'd be awesome if she got rid of Marcellas. What else did Will say up there?
James: Will was saying Marcellas would be an option to go up, because Boogie hates Marcellas... and he said he'll go up next week.
James: Oh, f-ck. They never let me talk to her.
Janelle: Who?
James: Chilltown. Boogie and Will were in her room every time I was up there.
James: The whole house hates Marcellas. If he was up there, he would go home, it only makes sense. I'm so f-cked.
James: I'll get to talk to Sarah twice this week.
Janelle: No you won't.
Janelle: We'll talk to Danielle later, and let her marinate on things.
James: Erika will vote me out over Kaysar.
James : I am so gone.
Janelle: No you're not... you don't know that.
Janelle: That would be awesome if she got rid of Marci. Just calm down, James.
Let me talk to her tonight. Just don't get stressed. We can pull this off. Did you hear what Marci said today? "This week the arab is going home."

Janelle: Well, do you see now why it was a good option to get rid of Diane?
Janelle: (teasing, joking) Admit it! Admit it!
James laughs
Janelle: See, Dani was counting the numbers, I told you. If we hadn't done that, she would have had then numbers.
James: It makes a little sense.
Janelle: Whenever you're ready to tell me I made the right decision, go ahead.
James: You're always right, Janelle.


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