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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wild Card

Last night, Erika and Kaysar had a very long conversation in the backyard. Here are the important parts...

12:45am BBT
Backyard - Kaysar & Erika

Erika: Keeping you in the house would probably be in my best interest over James, but just like I told your alliance in the first 4 weeks, I always like to respect the decision of the HOH, and I still doesnt know what Dani wants.

Erika: Why are you so sure that you're leaving?
Kaysar: You pick up cross-talk. If it was a tie, Dani will kick me out.
Erika: Do you know that for sure?
Kaysar: Yeah, I have a pretty good idea from the things that you pick up and hear and see. When Marci is walking around the house all snooty, you know he is up to something.

Kaysar: I can't sit here and make deals just because I'm on the block, because if I did that, I would lose all integrity, and if I was willing to do that when I was on the block trying to save my butt, what would I do the next time? I don't play the game that way. I told myself that I wasnt going to play as such a nice guy this time, but when it comes down to it, you end up playing as yourself.

Kaysar: I might be able to try to do something to keep myself in the game, but James would use the nullify vote anyway, and I'm not going to go around talking bad about James, because he is part of my alliance. Even though James isnt as loyal, I just cant do that.

Erika: (crying)
Kaysar: Are you okay?
Erika: No.
Kaysar: What are you thinking?
Erika: I'm thinking that I wish you were staying.
Kaysar: Part of the reason that I want to stay in the game is because at some point in the game, I am hoping that I could make some crafty decision and have some fun. The reason that I don't want to stay is because that might never happen, and all thats left is the fighting and ugliness and bitterness and I don't really know what to do with myself if that happens.

Erika: I just feel like, if I vote for you, it is a betrayal to Dani, and if I vote for James, it is a betrayal to you.
Kaysar: I understand that you're torn, but a decision was obviously made to attack season 6, and Dani wants to keep James in the game for herself.
Kaysar: Dani wants to keep James, so that she and James could pick the rest of them off later on.
Erika: mmm-hmmm.

Kaysar: I felt like even though we had hit sort of a rough spot and my alliance was going to take a hit, I felt like I had always been pretty fair with people in the house, but that looks like it doesn't really matter now.
Erika: Do you think that James has some kind of deal with Dani?
Kaysar: Shouldn't you know?
Erika: Noone tells me anything.
Kaysar: Why do you think Dani would be fighting so hard to keep James... Do you really think it's because Dani thinks that I have so much more loyalty to season 6, and if so, how would that affect Dani?

Erika: If that was the case, wouldn't that make Dani and James bigger targets next week?
Kaysar: Dani plays motherly, cooks, and doesn't make big alliances, but she makes the secret ones.... You don't want to hurt anyone, you cry easily... People play this game as themselves, and that is what we are doing.

Kaysar: Why is Dani going around publicizing that James is less loyal to season 6? Do I know for sure that Dani and James have a deal? No. But from body language, watching people, the things they say and dont say, that is what tells me.

Kaysar: That is why I am so sure that I am going home. I can tell. I might not be the fastest guy, might not win vetoes, but I can read people, and so can Danielle.

Kaysar: She is good. She is going to try to protect herself. Dani is so good at this game because she layers herself. She is friends with everyone, but not best friends with anyone, and then she has that wild card.

Kaysar: You want to know why I'm leaving? Because I didnt agree to be the wild card. That's how I knew.

Erika: What do you by wild card?
Kaysar: ...sort of uh, we have an understanding, but we'll never talk about it again kind of thing...a sleeper. I'm no use to Dani...
    ***directly implying he understands that James is.

The thing is, if I'm not working with Dani, Dani knows that I can figure out what she is up to pretty easily.
Kaysar: I hope that this stays between us.
Erika: Of course, everything we talk about stays between us.


Anonymous cindy said...

Kaysar is right on in his assessment. It's amazing. The guy is on the ball. I want him to stay so bad!!

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, please let Marci be the only one to vote Kaysar out...

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love for James to get voted out... just to stick it to the people who now think they are running things..... It is so hard to tell where Will and Boogie REALLY stand..... are they or are they not with them..... only time will tell (and diary room sessions)

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love for James to get voted out... just to stick it to the people who now think they are running things..... It is so hard to tell where Will and Boogie REALLY stand..... are they or are they not with them..... only time will tell (and diary room sessions)

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use to like James. I just cannot believe how much he turned on S6. And, why is he blaming Kaysar? (he told Mike Boogie that in his goodbye video to Kaysar he is going to call him out on screwing him over or something?) weird.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Lo said...

I still want Kaysar to go on Thursday, for game purposes... but i feel sorry for him after reading this post. he seems like a good person but in the game, he's a bit boring this season... ok, i said it!!!

6:52 PM  

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