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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Snake

As we get ready for tonight's episode, here's an important exchange from the day... Oh, the tangled web...

BACKYARD - Dani & Boogie
11:00am BBT
Dani: Kaysar told Erika that he argued with people for her to stay. She says that shows that he was arguing with his group or he's lying.
Boogie: I didn't talk to him.
Dani: Don't preach the honorable if you're going to lie.
Boogie: I told Kaysar I would give him the courtesy of telling him how Will and I will vote. Kaysar thinks he will have the votes to stay even if James uses the nullifier.

Dani: He's talking about me isn't he? He thinks he has my vote. I can tell that he thinks that because Janelle's attitude toward me has changed.

Boogie: Your plan of nominating James was genius. It kept our alliance off the radar.
Dani: I know. James is the mole with S6 and I'm the mole with the floaters. Now we're in the position they would have been in.

Dani: You guys came to me on day 2 or 3. That's why I didn't have pregame alliances.
Boogie: No one can hide, because this is all stars.
Dani: My putting James up also showed the S6 that we don't have an alliance.
Boogie: Yeah everyone was thinking you were becoming friends and it threw them off.

Dani: In my season, I played with fear alot. This season I just go for it, and see what happens.
Boogie: You have to have faith. People are afraid to trust each other. When you have that trust you make it through. It's been that in every season. You and Jason, Maggie and Ivette, Drew and Cowboy.
Dani: Season 4, those two girls hated each other but made it to the end by working together.

Dani: They think I'm going to send James home. The reason being that I told Kaysar one time that he was the most honest of the 4. I said all you had to do was play the game for yourself. I just shook my head in complete awe. He overthinks everything.
Dani: I told Maci that I wasn't nominating him unless something went freaky. When they came to me to Marci up and I had already told him that I wouldn't it. The truth is setting me free this time.
Dani: If the votes aren't 5 to 1 I know someone is lying. I'll have to find the snake.


Blogger Lo said...

i like the way you think Danielle...

7:14 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

...resisting the urge to make the obvious snake/mirror retort.

8:03 PM  

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