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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sloffles and Carbuncles

11am-12 noon BBT
BACKYARD - everyone but Janie and Howie

Will is pissed off at the producers.
Will: They literally f'd with me. They got me thinking we were doing voting and other stuff today, and I go into the DR to ask what we're doing today, and they said nothing.
James: Yeah... they get us up early to tell us we're voting tomorrow. Now what are we gonna do the rest of the day?
Will: They keep f'ing bs'ing me.
    ***lol.. perhaps they're just a bit tired of being told how to do their jobs by someone with zero television production experience, Will.

Howie joins the group.
He shows everyone this big bad boil on his butt.
Howie: Will, you gotta do something to it ASAP.
Will: I can't. My insurance wont cover me to work here.
Howie talks him into it...
Will gets his gloves and is going to help Howie out, inside.
Thankfully, they didn't show it.
    ***ok, they did show it, and there is video, but there will be no pus on this blog... and that is my final answer!

James: Well that was good for 30 seconds. Now what?
James: It's 12 1/2 hours till food bitches!

James and George go in to cook up some slop waffles.

Howie and Will...
Will: Your problem is called a carbuncle. It's a name for a very small abcess, and it's an inflamed hair follicle.
Will: You should stop shaving back there. If you quit messing with it, it should be fine. Or it could get f-cking big, if you keep picking at it. Just use alchohol and antiseptic.
Will: (addressing Big Brother producers) I really need someone to call my office and let them know, that if I get evicted, I'll be going to the sequester house.

They're talking about how long someone spends in sequester.

Howie: You'll get evicted Thursday, go to the hotel, Friday go on The Early Show, do interviews at CBS for a few hours, then Saturday you'll go to the sequester and be there for a month till the finale.
Will and Boogie: NO!

George brings Boogie some slop waffles.

Will is folding clothes and doing laundry.

Janie and Marci are still asleep.

Boogie is eating the sloffles now.

Boogie: It isnt too bad with syrup.


Blogger Dee said...

***lol.. perhaps they're just a bit tired of being told how to do their jobs by someone with zero television production experience, Will.

Now that made me laugh...

5:16 PM  

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