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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fear of Chicken

7:40am BBT
BACKYARD - Boogie & Dani
Boogie: James guessed the power dead on, with the power being to replace the noms. It was a stressful 2 days, but I couldn't chance it. There are a few ways to go here, but obviously its getting trickier.
Boogie: James' selfishness has balanced him with erica. I trust them about the same, not much. But I don't think Erika would try to pull a big move.
Dani: It's ok.
Boogie: I want to hear your thoughts. Will wants to have his cake and eat it too... he needs to play with the team and not within the team.

Boogie: We should nominate Janelle and James.
Dani: (very quickly) That's what you should do.
Boogie: Then if Janie wins the pov.. whats the move? Do we put up Erika?
Dani: Chicken George needs to go. He doesn't think clearly. When he was HoH, he told me to my face he may put me up. He's been lying. There is lying, theres deception, and he is downright lying. I told Chicken George everyone knows that he went to both nominees and promised them his votes.. kaysar AND howie.
Boogie: It makes me less of a target if I put Chicken George up... but only if Janie wins pov. If she doesn't win PoV, she goes.

Dani: Chicken George was only HoH for one day, and he wreaked havoc on the house. He is the scariest player, cause we cant put anything past him.
Boogie: That makes it easier for me.
Dani: If Chicken George wins hoh, you don't know who he will put up.

Dani: The thing with Erika, she said she wants to play my game, she wanted to play that way in season 4, but she couldn't cause her ex was there.
Boogie: You don't want her to go this week?
Dani: Not really. She has potential.
Boogie: Chicken George told Janie about us wanting her out.
Dani: That brings out the competitive Janie... wtf?

Dani: I told James that he will probably be nominated with Janie. He said that was fine.
Boogie: If we put cg up with Janie, and we don't get houseguests choice, Janie will not pick James, and she will probably win it.

Boogie: Where are you with James?
Dani: He's lining up the votes.
Boogie: Will doesn't trust him. I want to stick with the commitment, but I keep playing out different scenarios in my head. I don't know what he would do if he won hoh.
Dani: I think he will throw the HoH.
Boogie: I'm scared that if Janie doesn't go, and both James and Erika chuck the HoH comps... that scares me.
Dani: I don't think Erika willthrow the HoH, and her number one target is Janie. What concerns me is Erika's relationship with George. Chicken man is kicking me to the curb. He feels some kind of betrayal.
Boogie: Erika's relationship with Chicken George is worthless if he doesn't listen. You dont know what he is going to do.
Dani: That's the scareiest thing since he came this far.

Dani: I don't want to be sitting with Chicken George at the end, 'cause people may give him the game.

Boogie: If Will and I are in the final 4 situation, and we get nominated, Will will go to the jury, and he is ok with that. Will has to start playing. He has to win HOH to get us to the final 3.

Dani: If Erika is in an endurance comp, no one will outlast her. She's a pitbull. Boogie: You think we'll have another one?
Dani: In the final 3, if we get there. I think it will be a very uncomfortable challenge.

Boogie: It's hard for Will to trust casue he played such a lone wolf game last time. I told him that he has to trust others this time.

Boogie: I do NOT want Erika with me in final 3.

Boogie: We have to ask ourselves if it is worth keeping Chicken George around, for 'just in case.'
Dani: I'll respect your decision, I think you ought to talk to Will first.
Dani: Don't scare James when you tell him.

Boogie: I've been playing with Erika that it's us to the final 2.
Dani: She thinks she has you and Will in her back pocket.
Boogie: She has no idea about James and you...

Boogie: If you were to win HoH, would you send out Chicken George or Erika next week?
Dani: Chicken George. He is like Lisa. People are busy underestimating him. I need George gone.
Boogie: I don't mind that. He's older. He has perspective. If you send him out, he is not going to hold it against you.
Dani: He knows it's a game. And obviously, he can't be influenced.

Dani: Chicken George has no idea how much I've been pulling for him... I was hurt. It was definitely game on.


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