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Thursday, August 24, 2006

HGs Gone Wild

The preface to the madness...

At 10:35BBT - 2:00am BBT
BACKYARD - Will & Janie & Red Wine
They're seated next to eachother on the red couch... flirting in high gear...

Will: Do you wanna get in the hot tub?
Janie: Are you?
Will: Yeah but I don't have to...
silence in the backyard
Janie lays her head down on the red couch next to Will, who can't stop smiling at her. He tips up her wine glass to her mouth.
Janie whispers something in his ear, and asks him to think of it.
Will: I will. I will think of it soon.
Janie: I want you to think of it tonight.
Janie's all smiles.
Will can't decide if he should drink wine or not.
Janie: Keep drinking it.
Will:... but you tolerate it better than me.
Will: And then I will be hungover, and you will kick my ass in the HOH.

Dani comes over and solves this dilemma for Will, pouring a full glass of wine down his throat.

11:50pm BBT
They're still on the couch...
whispering in each others ears and getting very close.
They are equally flirting, Will is more often than not the instigator.
Janie gets a little too close and...
Will piles up some pillows between them.
Will: Boogie come sit between us.
Janie: (pouts) I'm offended.
Will: I need an appropriate barrier.
Dani comes over and pokes Will with her fingers, he puts her on his lap.
Dani positions herself on the other side of Will,and the 3 share a cigarette. Janie holds the cig to his mouth and he keeps puffing on it, saying "Boogie I'm not smoking."

Janie goes inside to get changed for the Hot tub.

Will jumps up on the pool table, and Boogie and Erika try to play around him.
Will: This is the perspective you need to learn pool.
Will: I'm training for HoH, dodging stuff.
BB: Will stop that.
Will: Dudes, get off my ass.

Janie comes back out a few minutes later in a red one piece.
Will: What is this? Baywatch?


Take lots of wine, a bit of Jacuzzi, add stir crazy HGs, and the following videos make perfect sense.

More Hot Tub Spin the Bottle

Oughta be Lovers Quarrel - This is a small portion of the conversation... Enough so you'll get the drift. Will always gets wigged out when janelle gets in the Jacuzzi, and this is the first time she's been in since the 1st spin the bottle night.

Just so it's very clear, Janie's feelings were really hurt last night. After a couple weeks of hardcore flirting with and from Will, the minute they get back into the hot tub, he freaks again... as if he can't position himself and stay far enough away from her. It seemed pretty clear she had believed much of his nonsense before this point... Not so now.

Post madness Game Chat Between Will and Dani... Always the opportunist, Will grabs at this chance to further the strategy with Dani, saying "please keep Janie away from me.. She just wants me for a showmance, then dump me and send me packin."

Following this exchange with Will, Dani goes inside, and helps a very drunk James into bed, bringing him water, really mothering him, and promising she will do her best to work her magic so he stays. James is laughing telling her he went and told Janie and Will the DR wanted to see them... and he made it up.
After this exchange, Dani goes to dry her hair, and then we have sleeping HGs on all four feeds.


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