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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Weepy & Flirty

4:00pm BBT
RED ROOM - Dani & Erika
Dani's been a wreck all day...

They're talking very quietly.

Dani: I need to talk to Dr. Zachary.
Erika: You should, it made me feel so much better.
Dani: I am very anxious to get back home.
Erika: It is a very emotional game.

Dani: Your feelings are easily hurt. This is not the Dani that the producers thought....I am an emotional wreck.
Erika: But we are still here and playing the game.
Dani: Kaysar, Alison, they all had it easy.
Erika:It's emotional.

Dani sniffling... very weepy...

More on Dr. Zachary
Dani: Is she gonna make me cry more?
Dani: I am between a rock and a hard place - I am damned if I do, damned if I don't
    ***about James

Erika: Its a crazy game


4:07pm BBT
We re-join Erika and Dani in the Red Room, whispering.

Erika: I know I am still going after her.
    ***lemme guess.. only one other "her" left...

Dani: You have to.
Erika: I know.
Erika: Put her and Chicken George up.
Dani: If I had the power... I don't understand... He had the power and he didnt put her up.
    ***it's not clear if she's referring to Boogie or Chicken George here in terms of the "he" in question.

Dani: Who did Boogie tell you to nominate?
Erika: CG and ______
    ***couldn't hear.. have to assume it's Janie though


BUG ROOM - Janie and Will
The flirtation continues...
Will: Are you more or less commited to Miami?
Janie: I love it there, but I'm open minded.
Will: It's a beautiful city. My license has expired there, but it wouldn't be that hard to get it renewed. I'm pretty open minded as well...
    ***like both told Boogie privately and on separate occassions last night, "Flirting with ____ is a full time job!"


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