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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chilltown & Janie

7:55pm BBT

Will and Janie walking in the BY

Will: As much as I respect Dani in the game, she has to go.
Will: I don't respect Erika.
Janie: I think she's been throwing comps. She can do alot more then she lets on.
Will: ...but could she win in the finals?

Will mentions he had a conversation with Boogie about trusting Janie over Erika for the Final 3... and he's not lying.

Janie: I think you would win if I brought you to the Final 2.
Will: Gee, thanks. You're sweet.
Janie: You would have a chance over me cause half the jury hates me.
Janie: Boogie wouldn't bring me to the Final 2.
Will: That's probaly true.
    work it, Will.

Will: If it's Erika in the final 3 with Chilltown, Erika might keep Boogie cause they are a showmance, but if she is as backstabbing as we think... same with Dani.

Will goes on to talk about the Coup d'Etat, and why Boogie didn't use it...

Will: If Boogie was up against you Janie, he would have used the power on Chicken George's HOH week.

He goes through the list of who they could have used it on and why they didn't.

Will: I definitely wasn't gonna let you leave.

8:15pm BBT
BACKYARD - Will, Boogie, Janie
Boogie: Tomorrow, I'm going to tell Erika I'm getting really nervous, and I'll tell her that she needs to stay out of harms way.

Jani: and I'm going to talk to James and tell him that Chilltown is coming after me, and that I don't like Boogie, and that I'm going to work with Dani, because we are going to go after Chilltown together.

Boogie: ... maybe Dani will stop crying.

They agree that Dani is just working at setting up the jury, feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, and that she was just so burned by last time...


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