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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

James & The Chicken Factor

4:30-4:45 BBT
BACKYARD - Boogie and James

James is trying to convince Boogie that Chicken George has to go.
James: I'll be pissed if Chicken George makes it to the end. Then all this will have been for nothing.
James: I want the 4 of us (Legion if Doom) to make it to the final 4. Even the Nerd Herd couldn't do that last year.

James: No one will put up Chicken George.
James: If Janelle puts up Chicken George, it's a waste.
James: If I go tomorrow, Dani will be coming after Chill Town.

Boogie: We lined up for the Veto last week, and I thought "What is Chicken George even doing here?"

Boogie: The thing is, if that dude can eat slop for 60 days, how long do you think his mother f'ing ass is gonna stand on a log?
    ***very good point.


Boogie: There's no way, my motivation. I wouldn't be motivated enough to do it.

James: Someone will think they can beat him (Chicken George) in the next two.
James: That's when he pops out the Kaysar Source shit and becomes the Big Brother expert.

James: Before the Legion of Doom came up, I told Janelle that she was protecting Will and would end up f'ing us (Season 6), and now Howie's gone because of it.

Boogie's letting James talk, but not letting on anything.

The proceed to talking about Howie, and being in the sequester house, and how mad he is...
James: Imagine how Chicken George will feel when he has to face Howie in sequester.

Boogie: Don't underestimate Danielle. She knows people think of her as that player, and if she needs to go back on that...

James: You have to listen to how she words things. She'll say "If I'm HoH next week I'll make sure your key comes out of the box." She may make sure your key comes out of the box, but that doesn't mean your ass won't go up after the veto ceremony.

Boogie: She won't be able to keep her word to win the game, and she's here to make that wrong right from 4 years ago. In a lot of ways, I'm already satisfied because I'm good on the playing. Of course, I want to win. It's her and Will - it's all or nothing. They have nowhere to go but down because they did so well.

James: Another bonus of us getting to the final 4 is there's no question. You and Will are playing for each other. Danielle and I are playing for each other at that point.

BB: Erika, please do not obstruct your microphone.

James: (jolted back to reality by BB's voice) You'll be talking about everyday life and you'll hear that and go "oh yeah, I'm on the block. I could be going home tomorrow."


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