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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The New Bunky

10:10am BBTime
The HGs are all still sleeping... so lets continue with the juicy tidbits from last night.

- - - * - - -

11:45pm BBT

Erika is upset and talking to Kaysar.
Erika: I know that Dani did this to herself, but why are we doing this, you know? Kaysar: Where is this going? It's like suffering now.
Erika: It's like how much are we going to make other people suffer?
    oy my god... please stop whining. go live in the street in India for a summer day, then come back and talk about suffering in a soundstage in Studio City where people are legally responsible for your wellbeing.

Just a brief cut-away
Dani: (looking at the camera)Who wants my DOR?

Back to Kaysar and Erika
Erika: It seems like the cost is too high for her.

James whicpering to Howie.
James: I don't want Marci in sequester.
James: It would be like having Rachel in sequester. She bitched all the time. Plus, if Marci goes home, our alliance will stay intact.

12:00am BBT
BACKYARD - Kaysar and Erika

Erika: I have a lot of regrets about some of the things that have happened in the house.
Kaysar: Like what?
Erika: not winning HOH.
Kaysar: You knew coming in the house that it was going to be more fierce, more competitive.
Erika: In my season, there was a common enemy.
Kaysar: I've heard that every individual in the house.

FLAMES - for a minute.

Kaysar: It's not easy. Every Thursday, not only do we send someone home, but we have that little portal where we can only smile and pretend we are having a good time, hope that our loved ones are watching, and think about the things that we want to say.
Erika is sniffling... and starting to cry.
Kaysar: Last time I wanted to be here, and I needed that time for myself, I had something to prove to myself, but it's different now.
Erika: It's different for all of us now.

Kaysar: Go back to that moment when this whole thing was in the works and you were trying so hard to get into the house.
Erika: I thought I wanted revenge, retribution against Allison, but now that Allison is out of the house, I realize that is not me, and I don't belong here.
Kaysar: I know I don't belong here. It's not even this moment in here, whats happening right now, what I dread the most is what happens to me afterwards.

Dani in ISOLATION ROOM, crying

Kaysar and Erika talking in backyard

Kaysar: I don't want to be a poor sport, but sometimes I think about throwing in the towel. If I want to get out of here, there is still an option. I am the type of individual that as far as I am concerned, I can't be bought, and there are more important things.
Erika: (laughing, pointing at the hottub) That is the sorriest party I have ever seen.
Kasyar laughs.
Kaysar: Who was the party coordinator for this party? He should be shot.

Erika: I just want you to know that I am glad that I met you. You're a really cool person.
Kaysar: Thank you. A lot of people came in here expecting a battle royale, and they were just having fun at first hanging out, and now they have all realized they dont have an objective.
Erika: That's why I was asking you when you were HOH if you were sure that was where you wanted to position yourself...I don't even know where to position myself... It's stupid.

Kaysar: If you are driven solely by money, no good can come from it, and that is my existence in this house right now. Why am I making people cry, and sending people home, and creating dissention....just for money?
Kaysar: That's not me in the real world.
Erika: I know. I'm just going to get a kleenex.
She comes right back.
Erika: I don't want to cry anymore.
Kaysar: I don't want to cry either. I swear I'm a manly man, to cry on national tv is terrible. I am the new Bunky. Whatever, a man has to cry sometimes too.


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