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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cancer in Sequester

It's now 8:00am in the BB House, and all the HGs are still asleep, so I'm continuing with the Overnight Reports...

11:00pm BBT
BACKYARD - Margarita Party
Focussing in on Janie, Will and Boogie.
Will: Our theory is that Marci put the house on slop.
Janie: I did.
Will: I know you think you buzzed in, but it wasn't you.
Janie: Yes it was. It was me.
Will: Either way, just say that Marci did it, even if you did.
He and Boogie both tell her to just go with it.
Will: We're going to try to talk Dani into putting Marci up.
Will: It would keep your alliance intact.
Janie: Do you think Dani will do that?
Will: We think so.
Will: (to Boogie) Will you leave us alone now?
Boogie: Sure.
Boogie walks away.
Will: The other day, when you didn't put me up, Erika came up to me and told me that she got you to not put me up.
Janie: (loud) She did not!
Will: I knew the real story... Don't call her out...
Janie: Marci was yelling at me to "stop pussyfooting around" and that I have to get rid of the threat, meaning you.
Will: I'm going to put Erika and Chicken George up, and bounce Erika the f-ck out of here.
Will: I'm going to have to start distancing myself from you though. I just want you to know that we're cool, but people are starting to talk "showmance".

Janie: Dani told me that I should put up Chilltown. Then she asked me, "how do I know that season 6 isn't going to bring themselves together with Chilltown?"
Janie: I told her, "Oh, I wouldnt do that".

Will: We have to get Dani on board... I think we might be able to if we all just go to her and tell her what is going on.

Will: Dani and Marci are together, no matter what they say.

Will proposes a 2 week alliance between S6 and Chilltown, with the nomination order to be: put up Marci & Erika, CG & Dani.
Janie: (laughing) That would be awesome.
Will: We'll have the votes by then to do whatever we want.

Will: Boogie said he wants to be the dreamcrusher and crush Marci's dreams and send him back to Housecalls.
Will: Marci won all the prizes, and now he's inside moping.
Will: Let Dani decompress when she gets out, let her talk to Erika or whoever she wants, but then we can slowly approach her.

Boogie rejoins them.


Janie and Boogie separate themselves from the group and strategize on how to approach Dani... and work her over. Both agree: "there is a cancer in the house and its Marci."

Boogie: It would be great to not send Marci to sequester. He would be a cancer in sequester. Get him out of here. He is going to be a bitter, jaded, gay guy.


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