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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kinda Paradise

Judging by this Entertainment Weekly interview with Howie, all is not peaches and cream in sequester...

"So was it nice to see Marcellas at the evictee house?
I saw Marcellas the second I walked in. He was playing cards. We watched a couple of tapes of the HOHs and the power-of-veto ceremonies. I cursed out everyone who planned my demise, and he wasn't happy about that because he's still friends with Boogie and Erika. He was offended. But it's a big house. Lots of grounds. A big beach. I don't see him except meals — lunch and dinner. No biggie. I was never really friends with Marcellas before Big Brother or in the house, so I couldn't really care less. He's a bunch of negative annoying energy."


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