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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lockdown Do-Si-Do

All the HGs are on exterior lockdown, and they're gathered in little whispering groups. Some, like James, are flitting from group to group with little to no subtlety.

To keep the confusion level to a minimum, I'll break up the posts with spaces so you know when we've gone from one group to another.

5pm BBT
LOCKDOWN - Outside... Everyone
Will and Boogie are laughing together... they won all the good stuff, but they don't want anyone to know, and they're getting their stories straight on who they're going to blame for what prizes.

Erika: I slept on cots last year... it was ok.
Will: I really need to start playing the game this week.

Meanwhile, Janie, James, and Kaysar are in a cluster lamenting the raw deal they've been given by Chilltown.


As we mentioned in the previous post, it appears the veto comp involved winning certain items in exchange for making the whole house miserable.

Will: Let's put it this way... so Janelle, when are we going to Aruba?
Will: Marcellas got the tv and the 5 grand...
Janelle: I feel bad about having to put people on the cots.
Will: No its ok, nobody really cares.
Will: People are starting to think you and I are a team.
Jani: How do you know?
Will: Erika came up to me and said, "Your girlfriend is safe."
Jani: Ooh.
Will: We have to get Marcellas out. He's a cancer.
Jani: Ya

    Janie, your Minnesota's showing. ;)

Will & Boogie
Will: You gotta "step up" the showmance with Erika. I have a theory that she never broke up with Josh... I think she's just using it to create sympathy.
Boogie: Since Diane left, Erika's gotten a lot more "handsy" - she hasn't actually touched my c-ck yet - she's nervous to do anything on camera - but she has massaged my stomach to right above the pubic hair.
Will: We have to keep Danielle thinking that Janelle hates her and Janelle that Danielle hates her -
Will: We've got to convince Dani to get rid of Marcellas... he's gunning for you.

5:30pm BBT
James: If the veiwers want to see us suffer, this is the show for them. This veto comp was nothing but " how can we make the HG's suffer?"

    ***We feel a little responsible
    but not a little bit guilty...
    ok, maybe a tincy bit...

Marci: How is this going to work when we get back into the house?

All the HGs agree that this is just nuts...

Kaysar and Janie want to go in and sleep on their cots
James: I can not sleep on a cot ...they will have to get me a doctor for pain meds

James: Is anyone ever going to go after Chicken George?????
Marci: I'll go after him next week.
James: Janie sold out the whole house this week with the slop for everyone all week. Then she wins the veto, so we can't even get her out this week.


When we come back from Flames a few minutes later, the HGs have re-entered the house...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

james is just upsetting me more and more. i mean i used to really like him and i was rooting for him to win but now i've just lost all respect.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

i don't think James's strategy has really changed from last season...

i saw that pillow fight on You Tube just now... that was so cute. it seemed as if it was from last season instead... cute.

7:52 PM  

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