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Friday, August 04, 2006

Marci to HoH

1:40am BBT
HOH ROOM - Dani and Marci

Dani: I'm not putting you up , and I'm not backdooring you. I just want you to know that right up front.
Dani: Janelle took out Nakomis and she took out Jase... She took out all these people who she told were safe, and I am not playing that way.
Dani: I have a plan, and it makes perfect sense. Wait until the nomination ceremony, you will see... but even if Janie wins veto, I am not putting you up.
Marci: What about Kaysar?
Dani: I'm not worried about him... I'm not worried about any of them.
Marci: I want to see all of season 6 go one right after another.

Marci: Anything anyone tells me stays with me.... If someone comes back and says that "Marci said whatever," they are either delusional or a liar, take your pick.
Dani: I'm sure "they" (S6) are itching to talk to me.
Marci: You are so far off my radar.
Dani: I was just making sure.
Marci: After we had our conversation, I took it for what it was.

Dani: I told James that noone in his group is safe, including him. James asked me if he should try to secure himself votes, and I told him that he should do what is best for himself.
Marci: I already told James that he would have my vote.
    ***I'm doing my best to not curse up a blue streak at Marci.
Dani: Diane only wanted to make it to sequester, that was all, and she said that she would put up Will and Boogie. I know that Diane would have done it, too.
Marci agrees.
Marci: Diane could not win a competition to save her life... Janelle didn't have to do that to her.
    ***Really, what alternate universe are these 2 living in? Diane talked non-stop about getting rid of Janie.
Marci: Janelle told so many stories about her ex-roommates stealing her boyfriends and doing her wrong, but here she took the word of Diane's ex-roommate?
Marci: If anything, by keeping Diane, Janie would have had a vote for herself, because Diane would have preferred to keep all girls.
Dani: Nakomis was the same way.

Marci: Season 6 is freaked.
Dani: I kept saying when are the 4 of them, excuse me, the 3 of them, going to start playing for themselves and not for their group?
Marci: This isn't season 3, and I'm not going to stand by while the blond slits her own throat...
Dani: It's time for season 6 to choose. It's time for them to choose.
Marci: Had I won HoH, I was going to bring them all in and tell them to hash it out...which 2 were going to go up, that's how sadistic I am.
Marci: I was going to tell them that if they couldn't choose, I was going to put all of their keys into a pillowcase and choose 2 that way.

    *** muffling my screams...
Dani: Howie said to me that I told him he was safe. I looked at him, and told him "I said you were safe, not that I wasn't going to nominate you."
Dani: He just looked at me, and I laughed.

    ***ok, so for Erika's ears, you're an angel of moral ethics, sticking to your word to protect Howie, but for Marcellas, you can be the Queen B?


Anonymous ekmurf said...

Well, I definitely have to commit a crime on my birthday. And I just wanted to go to Red Robin. Thanks a lot Marcie, Erika and Dani. What a bunch of HAGS.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Ok so, I liked Marci at first but now he is just annoying the hell out of me with his constant bitching!
He thinks he's such a great player but everyone knows his game. They need to vote his ass out. I hate how he walks around in the skanky ass robe...I mean does he ever wash it? Ok I'm done...

P.s. The two faced activities bother me.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

lol @ kim... u know, i hate to say it because i've been a fan of Marcellas since BB3 and i love him on House Calls, but your post proves that he is two-faced. I honestly think that if Marci would have won HOH, he wouldn't have put up BB6. So, he's lying. Also, it's obvious that he is kissing ass and just flip-flopping lol, and maybe that's the smartest strategy to have?

ok i have a question. what do u ladies think of that segment on marcellas that aired on thursday? i mean, i was surprised because he is an employee of CBS, so why would they do that to him? And I've been noticing Bunky on House Calls... so i'm wondering if Marcellas is going to get the boot when BB7 is over? I hope not!!!

4:27 PM  

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