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Friday, August 04, 2006

Bitchfest, Part 2

1:30AM BBT
HOH ROOM - Dani and Erika
Dani: I want James to feel comfortable enough that if he wins the veto, he wont feel like he has to use it, but that I wouldn't care if he did.
Erika: Who would go up then, Howie?
Dani: I guess so.
    ***Lie #? Dani told James she would put Kaysar up. Whether Dani's lying to Erika or James is unclear though... but definitely to one of them.

Dani: I think that Janie thinks that she took out my alliance. I'm pretty sure she thought I was alligned with Jase, Allison and Diane...
Dani: I think that is why Janie thinks I'm weak. Janelle could have had an easy week last week, but she got greedy. I want her GONE.
Dani: Janie threw James under the bus... she threw Kaysar under the bus. When you have an alliance, you don't trash the alliance. James, Howie and Kaysar were all on the same page, and Janie was a wild card.
Dani: I know that you and I are Janie's targets. She's scared to death of us.
Erika: Kaysar tanked the HOH comp. I was watching everyone. Marci could have stayed up there. I think George could have stayed up there too.
Erika: As long as James is comfortable. It's a good plan.
They high five.
Erika: You did good.
Dani: I trust Kaysar... I know he'll be honest with me.

Dani: You should have seen me in the Diary Room! I was PMSing, Aunt Flow came to visit... I was in there calling Janie a bitch. Now I wish I hadnt, but I did.

They discuss S6 being "all about winning competitions."
Erika: They don't understand the game.
Dani: They're rookies.
Dani: What exactly was the deal between me and Howie? ... about not putting Howie up? I don't want to be one to reneg on my deals... I'm going to have to make sure that Howie is safe, since I told him I wouldn't put him up.
Erika: Then you would have to put Kaysar up... as much as I love him, I know that's what you have to do. It's the smart thing to do... Kaysar will have to go sometime.
    ***OMG! OMG OMG OMG!
    Erika, you backstabbing biatch!
    Both of you!!
    S6 saved BOTH of you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But they only saved them because the person they put up next to them they felt was more of a threat.

I don't think they're doing anything wrong. They're just playing the game, like everyone else.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Lo said...

well said "anonymous"...

janelle just lied to diane when she told her she wouldn't put her up, and now look what happened? how shady was that? and also... i've seen kaysar speak against Erika just as much... that's why i couldn't believe that segment of a showmance between kaysar and erika that aired awhile back.

i hope dani does get rid of janelle because then she'll think back on her comment of calling dani a weak player... like, "hmmm! if a weak player took me out of the game, then what does that make me?" lol... but if janelle wins veto then it's gonna be interesting to see what happens! this is going to be such a good week! yay!!!!!

4:18 PM  

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